President | Journey to Kendo

Hello everyone,

I thought I would give you all an update on how the kendo club is doing since I haven’t officially written a separate post about it. The last time we talked, I believe I had just gotten into armor and I was reveling in how great it was to finally be up to par with the advanced member. Not only am I an advanced member this year, I’m also an officer. I’m the president of my kendo club and I have to do a lot of administrative work and the coach/assistant coach are training me in becoming a coach. It was also a little harder for me because I was supposed to receive instruction, but I seem to be left on my own.

At the beginning of the semester, I was focused on bringing in more beginners. At the beginning, we had a decent number, but as commitments shifted, we are left with 4 dedicated beginners and I’m proud of them each step of the way. In October, we participated in a tournament and we were in a team with Harvard. One of our teammates from Harvard actually won her match, but she was the only one. From there, I started training more to improve my performance. My good friend and assistant coach sparred with me more and emphasizing increasing speed and yelling louder. Now I actually scare people 😉

With regards to coaching, ever since two weeks ago, we started increasing the intensity. We added more cardio and calisthenics and then for the actual kendo part, we brought it back to the basic strikes and making sure that we’re able to perform the strikes when we’re tired just as well as when we aren’t tired. In the end, we spar. My coach is a little tougher on me because if I’m going to be a coach, then I’m going to have to be able to take the strikes harder than usual because the beginners don’t have much control on their strength. Personally, I learn more from sparring because I can see where all my bad habits are going and how they’re hurting my matches.

As for the beginners, most of them are guys and I’m pretty good with them. One of them calls me their fearless leader for some reason. I guess I’ll take it even though I don’t feel like it some of the times. Even though they don’t go out with us, I’m still able to joke around with them and I guess it’ll be that way for a while.

There’s a tournament in Cleveland that we may attend, so if we do, I’ll keep you posted!



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