Lights & Cold Shadows | Quick Piece Breakdown


Cold Shadows

Hello everyone,
I hope you enjoyed this piece! As you may have noticed, my post scheduling have been off, so I’m going to post two breakdowns today in order to catch up.


This piece has been in the making for a long time. It’s never been physically written out because it’s just been a little piece in my mind. When I was in third grade and I started writing, I always gravitated towards writing about people with superpowers because I’ve always wanted to have superpowers. They never turned out as I pictured them so I would always be a little wary in writing them. Finally, I managed to write something out – something not too extravagant, but just enough to fit into the genre.

There are two characters, Ruby and Evan who are both siblings. They have the ability to have colored lights stream from their fingertips and the lights although appearing quite beautiful can also cause harm. It’s inferred in the piece that training is necessary to master the ability because Ruby was having difficulties in really properly displaying her ability. On the other hand, Evan has done well, but of course he avoids causing harm onto his sister. Their lights are different colors with Ruby’s as gold and Evan as silver. They can change with the amount of power that’s put into them, but their colors remain true to who they are. At the end of the story, I inferred that their entire family are given this ability when Evan says, “The Gould family never disappoints.” There also could’ve been a wide background based on how close the siblings are and I might even decide to continue this story.

In my pieces, I try to incorporate something the reader can take away, but this one doesn’t really have one except maybe determination and sibling-love.

Cold Shadows

This piece is a personal depiction of what going through depression feels like for me. I’ve come to the understanding that everyone who experiences depression has similar feelings, but there are different aspects such as how they deal with it and how they let it affect them.

This piece circulates around the character, Liz. Most of the piece is shrouded around her mindset as an insight on what goes inside someone who’s depressed. People are open and warm to her, but she ends up feeling foreign around them even though her intention isn’t about turning them away. These feelings are out of her control. She even pushes herself to talk to people, but she feels like her thoughts are betraying what she’s showing to her friend, so she leaves. Everything becomes sensory as she walks down the street and unlocks the door, yet the same time her emotions are dull. She breaks down when she gets home and feels like everything is collapsing on her hence my imagery with the suffocating pillow and blankets. Her roommate quickly comes over and starts comforting her. Take note that she doesn’t say that everything is going to be okay and that her depression will go away.

The last couple of statements of the piece is told in the perspective of her roommate. I realize that it’s probably confusing with the ambiguous “her”. Her roommate takes care of her and waits on Liz to see if she needs anything. The last sentence, ” Peacefully she slept, for a short moment, she was warm again.” This was meant to be a little insight about Liz and that she was feeling better again.

I hope you enjoyed these two stories being that their titles are complete opposites and in a way, the subject matter is opposite. Anyways, I hope to maintain consistency in my posts!


PS. I’m thinking of giving my blog a new look including a new address and a new theme. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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