Cold Shadows | Quick Piece

The chatter was too loud and it shook her brain. “Hey Liz, how are you?” someone asked as they passed by her. Their warm grip on her arm burned her skin. She quickly pulled on a smile and struck a pose. “I’m great!” she lied. She walked through more groups of friends, their smiles feeling too sweet and she backed away. What was she even doing here if all she wanted to do was absorb the night sky? Everyone seemed to be the light while she was merely a shadow. “Liz! I haven’t seen you in such a long time!” her friend called out as she wandered around. She smiled and found her face hurting. Her chest felt so full, but she didn’t dare say a word. “Hey, Alex! How have you been?” she said her voice sounding foreign. She glanced into her friend’s warm brown eyes and tried to listen to whatever she was telling her about, but she couldn’t care less. After the empty conversation, she sauntered away and walked down the street to her house. Her footsteps felt like they were digging into the pavement. Each house she passed by reverberated of warmth and her shadows shoved her away. They don’t need you even though your heart aches for a source of warmth. She unlocked her door and waited upon the satisfactory click and dragged herself up the stairs. An overwhelming amount of weight fell from her chest through her tears. “What am I crying? Where did this weight come from? What’s the matter with me?” she sobbed into her pillow, her damp tears threatening to drown her lungs. Her roommate burst into the room and engulfed her in a warm hug. “Hey Liz, it’s okay. Just cry it out, let it all out and breathe. I’m here for you; don’t worry.” she whispered. Gently she coaxed her out of the fetal position into a sitting position until her tears ran slowly and the shaking became quivering. Quietly she pulled the once suffocating blankets around her and brushed the hair out of her face. Slowly she closed the door, leaving a crack so she would know that she’s sitting right outside if she ever needed anything. Peacefully she slept, for a short moment, she was warm again.


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