Beautiful Humans | Quick Piece Breakdown

Beautiful Humans

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re week has been going well!

This piece is dedicated to my good friend because we’ve had plenty of good conversations like this. If you see this, then I hope this didn’t embarrass you!

Anyways, this piece was a lot of fun to write because I was drawing from what had actually happened. It’s essentially a simple dialogue between two good friends and the narrator, makes keen observations on their friend. In one way, it’s just viewpoint on a dialogue between two friends and in another way, it could be a small representation of the idea that despite all our differences, we can be pretty unique and beautiful.

There isn’t much to break down about this piece except when the other character discusses what it’s like to be a beautiful human. Because everyone’s going through difficult times, the way we’re able to persevere and egg ourselves on. It’s just how we manage to push ourselves through the difficulties that make us interesting. If you’ve ever engaged with someone and they started opening up about themselves. They’ll start talking about a time that really hurt them and shifted how they viewed life. It seems like all you can do at the moment is offer your sympathy because it had already happened. Just the fact of offering your symphony is enough for the person because it validates that what they felt was real even if it was hurtful. You just look at them while they’re present as they talk about their pain and you can’t help but think that they were pretty brave and strong for pushing through the difficulties.

“We walk down the street with our steps in unison and our breaths catching the cold in fogginess. Your laughter cracks the chill and I find my own laughter mirroring yours.”

Not only is this statement a depiction of the cold weather outside, but it’s also shows that the two characters understand each other even though their experiences of difficulties were different. They recognize that it was difficult, but they also recognize that they broke free.

I hope you enjoyed this quick piece breakdown!



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