Lights | Quick Piece

The rain trickled down the windowpane, the beads rolling together and slipping down together like a coordinated waltz. I press my fingers against the beads, trying to feel the cool wetness through the window. I flicked my wrist and a small ball of golden lights appeared on the palm of my hand, casting a soft golden glow around the room. “No, it’s not quite right yet.” I muttered, and clench my hand. The lights disappeared as quickly as they appeared. What use were my abilities if I can’t even master them? I heard a soft knock on my door and opened it. “Hey, what are you doing?” my brother said, throwing his backpack onto my bed. “Evan, why do you always have to do that? Throw it onto your own bed!” I groaned as I tossed his backpack across the room where his bed was. He plopped onto his bed and groaned. Without thinking I extended my pointer finger toward him and a small beam of red light shot towards him. As soon as the light hit him, it sunk into him and he jumped up. “Hey! That didn’t hurt at all!” he sarcastically said. He extended his right hand and brushed his hand through the air. A stream of silver beams exploded from his hand and rushed towards me. I quickly ducked under my desk and all of them swerved around me at the last minute. “Evan! You’re not supposed to do that!” I yelled. I cringed. I kind of reminded myself of my twelve year old self. He laughed and shot a beam at the ceiling causing it to explode around the room. “Well, what am I supposed to do on this rainy day? I can’t train outside, so I’ll just train while I’m inside.,” he said with a smirk on his face. “Plus, it looked like you could use some extra training.” I frowned and sat back on my bed, crossing my arms. My abilities didn’t seem so special when your brother could do it better than me. He sat next to me and nudged my arm. “Come on, I was only teasing earlier. Give it a shot.” I sighed and held out my right hand. With a gentle flick, thin streams of golden light streamed out of my fingers, racing across the room. My brother turned to me and shrugged. “That wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t strong enough.” He extended his hands and shoved them through the air, thick and fast silver beams exploded out of his fingertips and hit his blankets, causing them to fly into the air and gently cascade down. “You just have to focus on what you’re aiming at and throw your strength into it. I’ve seen you run and you can definitely run faster than me. Use that energy for your abilities.” he coaxed. I started to argue, “All of my running came from my training-“ He rolled his eyes, “Well, what do you think I’m doing right now? I’m training you, Ruby.” I sighed and tried again, extending my arm and quickly flicked my fingers towards my brother’s beds. Bright golden beams flowed out of my fingers, glowing so strongly that the entire room had a gold hue. They rushed towards the blankets and pushed them up against the wall. I relaxed my hand and dropped my arm. At the same time, the blankets fell back down. I turned to my brother and found him gaping at what I had done. He rose up slowly from the bed and walked to his side of the room. A quick glance couldn’t tell that I had pushed a slight dent into the wall and there was a medium sized hole in the blankets. “Wow Rubs, you’ve got dad’s abilities.” I smiled and walked over to him. “Thanks Evan. They would be proud.” He nodded and whispered, “I know they would. The Gould family never disappoints.”


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