Beautiful Humans | Quick Piece

I’m sitting in front of you watching your fingers weave in and out of each other, but your voice sounds confident like you’re sure that everything happened for a just reason. “What do you think?” you ask, looking up and your hollow eyes meet mine. For an instant, I’m filled with your emptiness and the room falls silent. I draw my gaze towards my own hands and find them clutching each other like a good-bye hug. “I don’t understand what you went through, but I see what you mean.” I finally say, hoping that my words bring the warmth back into the quickly freezing room. You sigh and lean back in your chair, the creaking speaking more than our silence ever could. “Yeah, it’s hard, but you’ll learn. I’ll teach you how to deal with things.” you finally say, your gaze directed towards the rugged ceiling. A smile slips through my teeth, but I quickly stow it away. I don’t want you to know that I’m glad for a guide. You seemed like you wanted to bask in your past for a moment. I glance at my hands again and they’ve seemed to leave their own artwork on the table, spiraling and dancing. You stretch and break back into the barriers of the present. “Now what do we do?” he asks, a goofy grin resting on his face. Your eyes remain hollow, but they lack the dull gleam. The crevices of your face bend over in guttural laughter and I release my smile and shrug. After a couple minutes of deliberation, we decided that we were hungry and needed some sustenance. Before we left, you said something so truthful and resonant, I was rendered speechless. “You know, I like talking to people. Everyone’s so interesting because we’re just so messed up. You have to remember that everyone goes through hard times.” It was true. There was something about how people cry and scream at the world when everything collapses onto their shoulders. Emotions are so raw and strong, even if you have a hard time relating, you’ll find yourself also shedding a tear. The best part of it is that after we’ve finished crying and shouting, we have the ability to put ourselves together with each other. Everything is pieced together through story telling and it gives you sort of a warm and realistic feeling when you finally think about it.
“It’s so beautiful and messed up.” you say while getting up from your seat and stretch, exhaling deeply, breaking and adding to my train of thought.
We walk down the street with our steps in unison and our breaths catching the cold in fogginess. Your laughter cracks the chill and I find my own laughter mirroring yours.


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