Smart Stars | Quick Piece Breakdown

Smart Stars

Firstly, I apologize for publishing this so late. School has been pretty hectic and I was trying to get back onto the routine again after Winter break. Secondly, I think you have noticed that the Quick Pieces schedule is a little off because of this. As of next week, things will be back to normal again.

This piece was experimental in the sense that I was trying out a better internal dialogue. I tried not to write it so that it would be a stream of consciousness and to keep true to the plot I was building up. Basically this is a story of a girl who likes this guy who she saw, but she’s overthinking to the point that she thinks that he could have someone else already. She dreams up grand fantasy sequences which essentially distract her from what she was actually in the library for. In the end, she finds out the the guy was also watching her and his situation mirrored what she was thinking about until their paths officially collided. When she finally embraced herself even though it wasn’t the fantasy that she dreamed of. In the middle of the piece, it was like her fears came true when another girl sat with the guy she liked. I didn’t make that sequence that long because I didn’t want jealously to be the main focus of the piece. That girl simply became an after thought because I chose to make the story turn for the better. If I chose that that girl was actually his girlfriend, then the main character would dwell on her more. Since she was victorious, the girl just disappeared in her thoughts. The “minor” girl could’ve been his sister or a really close friend. As their meeting went on, the main girl grew more confident with herself as the interaction went on and it became more natural.

It’s called Smart Stars because the stars could represent both the main guy and girl as well and they were both smart to pursue each other based on their common interactions. The stars could also be whatever caused them to be attracted to each other, such that it could be themselves or fate. Everything is connected to each other in its own unique way.

I hope you enjoyed the story and breakdown! Have a great day!



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