Smart Stars | Quick Piece

He never looked up at me. They remained scanning the endless pages and black lettering. From time to time, I would glance at him, hoping that our gazes would meet. When that happens, the stars will align and something will settle in the bottom of my chest. It’s only a feeling though. It hasn’t happened yet. He turned the page and stretched. I quickly looked up with a chance that he would glimpse around the room and find himself captured by my gaze. He drew back to the book and I sighed. When is he ever going to learn? I think he should realize that I’d be here for him.
An hour passed by and I got nothing done while he finished a chapter. It was only then did I realize that I was wasting my time. What was I even doing? I know for sure that I was sitting in a cold library trying to get some general science in my head. All I could think about was how nice it would be to feel his warmth. I wouldn’t have to be cold anymore. I looked down at my notes and shuffled them around. Maybe he would be captured by my rustling papers and look up to investigate. That never did work.
Soon, night fell and I felt myself growing tired. Nothing exciting was happening and I was even betting on a stray asteroid crashing down only on the library. I saw myself being carried through the fire in his arms; his glistening eyes finally meeting mine. I would reward him with a kiss and he would save the entire city. Instead a girl sat next to him and it was evident that she was much closer to him than I was. She knew his name and even had the audacity to touch his shoulder a couple times. I bent my head over my notes and started memorizing everything about plants. I had to have all this information. What would I do if I were caught unprepared? A couple minutes of their obnoxious stifled laughter, she left and the library fell silent again. My mind remained restless and everything about the plants disappeared through my right ear. Underneath my mad scribbles, I wrote clearly without hesitation, I hate smart people. As I started packing my notebooks away, he looked up. Instead of just seeing his profile and his messy hair flopping over and obstructing his eyes, I saw his warm brown eyes. I turned around expecting to find her standing and waving, but all I saw was emptiness. He opened his mouth and spoke. “Is the library closing soon?” I paused in the middle of putting everything away and tried to respond, but all I could do was shrug. He chuckled lightly and stretched. “Well, I think the both of us deserve a break. I think you’ve been studying here longer than I have!” he said with a smile. My right hand with my notebook still hovered over my open backpack and I could feel heat rising quickly onto my face. He started putting away his books and I unfroze and stuffed everything into my backpack as quickly as possible. I stood up and pushed my chair in. I felt so embarrassed for some reason I couldn’t deal with it at the moment. “Wait! Don’t go yet! I haven’t even introduced myself to you and I literally been with you for a couple hours.” he called out. I stopped again and turned around. I guess I’ll have to get over my embarrassment right now. I pulled out a chair and plopped myself down not bothering to unbutton my jacket. He smiled and sat at the same table I was situated. My entire body trembled, but my mind was clear. “I’m Ben and you are?” he stuck out his hand and I took it. “I’m Rosie.” I whispered. Our hands were clasped together, our gazes unmoving and my heart racing. What was happening? Is this what happens when stars align? We let go and my hand awkwardly dropped by my side. It throbbed and I could still feel where his fingers wrapped around mine. “I couldn’t help but notice you. I was surprised that you stuck around for so long and you were just so focused! What are you studying?” I stammered and pushed away, but he insisted. I couldn’t believe it! He was also watching me and I guess he did it when I feigned my intelligence. He thought I was smart and it was clear that he admired me for it. I pulled out my notebook and showed him my blank pages. “I’m not as you seem, but you weren’t as you seemed either.” I smiled at him and we looked down. I fiddled with my hair and he checked his phone. It was getting late. Without warning, half of the lights in the library went out and we bounded out of our chairs. Between the fast paced walking and shuffling, he suggested that we go get some coffee since he was tired and he noticed that I looked tired as well. Without any hesitation, I agreed. We hustled and bustled through empty desks and chairs where stressed out students stood. To us, the library was now a haven to when the stars aligned. I trust that the stars know what they’re doing.


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