Resolutions | January 1, 2016

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! This year has been an intense roller coaster. I started off on the wrong foot, but I think I’m on a steady jog now. It feels weird, just as I’ve started getting settled in, things are already quickly moving forwards. Yet, it isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. Here’s to another adventure!

Resolutions of 2016:

  1. Appreciate my body
  2. Remember the beauty of the world (be grateful)
  3. Run wild, live free and love strong
  4. Fix my eyes on Him
  5. To not beat myself up

Looking back on last year’s list, I definitely reached them whether they were clutched tightly in my chest or I grasped them in my hand. I’m starting to find myself and I know what I’m looking for verses what isn’t who I am. The most important thing is that I’m okay once again.

Have a great year!



One thought on “Resolutions | January 1, 2016

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