Bus Stop | Quick Piece Breakdown

Bus Stop

This piece is a special one because I didn’t write it. I was having some difficulties writing a story for yesterday and my friend volunteered to write one. Even though it’s short and it’s a completely different genre than I usually write, it’s still a story.

This story starts with a normal scene, someone was waiting for the bus at the bus stop. In the next sentence, everything unveils itself. There’s a portal and ghostly figures as well as some dead people. There were even skeletons violently attacking the main character. Bringing in the bus, the source of normality before things started becoming chaotic, the main character flees towards it onto to realize that things aren’t as they seem. I really enjoy the ending because it leaves you with a choice and an opening full of possibilities.

This piece would best be taken as a writing prompt because of the open ending. As a writer, you could take this introduction and add onto what could’ve been the main character’s main intention and what the school actually is when they arrive. You could also expand on writing about why those creatures were at the bus stop in the first place as well as what and who those two figures in the beginning were.

Even though this is published on my blog, all credit belongs to Artemis Ko because she kindly offered to write this little story and help me out with my procrastination/writer’s block.

I hope you enjoyed it!



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