Tangent | Saturday Adventures

Hello everyone,
I hope you had a great Christmas!

What I did today basically consisted of what I did from a week ago, when I got back from school for winter break. I’ve been lucky enough to catch up on my sleep and I’ve been waking up at 10am everyday. I guess this is what it feels like to be well rested and not worry about catching buses or making it to class on time. Even though I’m taking an online class, I’m mostly resting. As you may have noticed, I’ve also been writing more. I’m so happy I have more time! I recently finished a collection of short stories called “Blueprints for Building Better Girls” by Elissa Schappell. A couple weeks ago, she came to my school to do a reading and I had the opportunity to ask her a question via a class I was taking. I asked her what motivated her to write these books and she simply said because of all the rage and anger she had from growing up. We all had moments when nothing seems to be right so she resorted to writing and journaling to vent out her emotions. I must say, I agree with her 100%. One of the reasons I write is to give my mind a breather with all the infinite thoughts and express myself. I also got to talk to her for a little bit and have my book signed. I asked  her, “Do you have any books to recommend?” I told her that I enjoy writing short stories and poems, novels were just too difficult to me at the moment and she whipped out some index cards that were perforated and started scribbling down books of collections of short stories. To me, this was the best thing ever – an author whom I admired was recommending books to me. It was like I was in the same mindset as her and through these books, I can pick up possible little hints and nods towards what to do and what not to do in writing.

I feel like, as writers, there isn’t such a strong hierarchy. We all recognize that we’re writers and we love our artistry. Therefore, we aren’t afraid to say we love this person and this style or we don’t really agree with that adjective and sentence structure. It’s all for the better! We just want to tell our story in our own style!

Anyways, after a long tangent, “Blueprints for Building Better Girls” is a powerful and blunt book with stories about women dealing with large issues that may not seem large for the rest of the world. I recommend it to anyone who wants a refreshing new book.

Well, I hope you had a great Christmas with your family and friends! 🙂



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