Don’t Forget About Me | Quick Piece Breakdown

Don’t Forget About Me

Hello friends,
Long time no see! Now that finals are over, I have some time to write short stories and do some analysis. Bear with me, my short story skills are a little rusty along with my analysis. I hope you enjoy though!

Looking back on all my short stories, I haven’t really written a story exclusively on love. I decided to settle on writing about unrequited love, something that is probably prominent to you either now or before.

It starts off in the past with a woman named Lily begging someone to not leave. The first line was actually inspired by a random EDM song I was listening to and it had “Please don’t go” as the chorus. From there, I started a story about a woman caught up in obsessing over her friend. I tried to make it evident that Lily was seeking attention because she was always lonely. She doesn’t really have friends until that man comes into her life, just as a friend. She throws everything onto him, her emotions and her personal life and like a kind man, he takes everything on, not knowing what her true intentions are. She loves him although she’s afraid of actually admitting it to him and herself. She obsesses over an idea of him being with her when she’s vulnerable with him. Basically, nothing much is happening with their relationship except a strengthening bond between their friendship, yet she’s more focused on the fact that she just wants to be in a relationship with him. It’s quite unhealthy. In the end, he ends up leaving and their friendship could’ve been saved if she wasn’t blinded by the obsession she had created. She copes with it terribly, leaving it only to alcohol to take her away from her stressors.

One factor of this story is that I didn’t give the guy a name, but I gave Lily a name. I did that to not personalize the guy, but to make Lily someone that you could’ve known. It’s like a glimpse through your sister or your best friend’s eyes. I also did it for some perspective and to focus more on building up the story.

This was one of the longer short stories I’ve written. Hopefully by slowly writing slightly longer pieces each time, I’ll be able to transition to a proper novel while maintaining all the essential elements and my own voice.

I hope you enjoyed the story!



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