Curse | December 21, 2015

As you may have noticed in my writing, I’ve been using more curse words in my stories. To those who know me, they know that I don’t curse like a sailor. More or less, I don’t curse at all except sometimes one would slip out when I stub my toe. That’s just my expression of pain. Anyways, it’s just my preference. I just think that it really isn’t a great way to express yourself. Spewing out four lettered curse words about an annoying homework assignment isn’t as colorful to me than using all possible adjectives to describe how irrelevant that useless piece of paper is. Also, as a Christian, I find that I should constantly display the love of Christ that is, not blending in with the rest of society.

Although in writing, it’s a different story. When I want to give my characters more depth, I’ll have them spew out curse words but the moment that they choose to use the curse words are specifically chosen according to their character. If they’re like me, careful about their words and reserved, then I’ll only have them curse when their angry or frustrated. If they’re a little more rowdy, then I’ll do the opposite, but they won’t curse without reason. In a couple stories back, I tried out the entire “cursing without reason” for a character and it just made the character seem witless, the opposite of what I intended.

The moral of this is post is basically to give your characters enough realistic color. Don’t overdo things and make it too extreme. Make them as someone you would see on the street or interact with in your class or even one of your friends.



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