Thanks to be Home | Saturday Adventures

Hello everyone!
I apologize for lack of Quick Pieces, but now that I’m on break, I’ll be able to write a story for your enjoyment. Anyways, here’s what I did yesterday.

In the middle of the night, my roommate and I decided to have a little party of our own since we were finally done with our work needed to be done. We had been toying with the idea of dancing because my roommate enjoys dancing. I finally agreed and after spending quite a while picking songs to dance to, we just decided to look up YouTube videos of Just Dance tutorials and jammed out in the middle of our living room. It was so much fun because I consider myself a little incompetent with dancing. With Just Dance, I feel like I have more liberty because it’s aimed for those who aren’t excellent dancers. Plus, it was just my roommate and I. We didn’t care that we looked ridiculous. We just wanted to have fun. There were some dances that had hilarious dance moves such that one move looked like we were aggressively elbowing someone in the face. There were complicated footwork and arm flailing, but I felt like I knew how to dance. (who am I kidding) After we got tired of dancing, we just pulled up lyric videos and sang along. We had our fun until three in the morning. I would say that that was the epitome of college.

I woke up at 10 and started to pack to leave for Thanksgiving break. I wasn’t too concerned about forgetting anything because I simply brought home my entire load of laundry. The entire day was filled with travel, but once I stepped foot inside of home; I felt at peace. Stressors were behind me and all I had to do was clear my head. This is the time of gratitude and thankfulness. It is also the time for rest. I can finally take the time to inhale and exhale without fear that my breath will be taken away from me. I’ll surely be taking my time to relax and catch up with family.

Have a great and lovely week!



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