Pancakes and More | Saturday Adventures

Hello everyone,

A week ago, I started NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) and I’m at 11,896 words! I’m writing about how an ordinary man becomes a murderer. This story is told from his perspective and it’s coming along well so far! I find that I write more in the evening than in the morning probably because I do most of my school work and go to classes in the morning. With two hours, I can spit out the daily goal. Besides that, yesterday was packed with hanging out with friends. I started the day off with a prayer meeting and it was really nice to pray with fellow Christians and hearing our voices mingle together. Shortly afterwards, I went to someone’s house for brunch  with some friends. Someone made this amazing cinnamon mixture and when the pancakes were cooking, she swirled them on. When those pancakes were flipped over, the cinnamon glazed and caramelized. It was delicious. Then, we just sat around, eating our brunch and reading Facebook statuses from a couple years ago. The moral of that story was that we’ve all had our moments of awkwardness, sass and just boredom. Directly from the brunch, I went to practice. Only two beginners showed up so I lead practice again with similar format as the other two weeks I lead practice. Since I’m not nearly as skilled or experienced as other members, I try to coach so that the beginners and possibly the advanced members build up a greater kiai and spirit. I noticed that last year, it wasn’t explicitly taught, but it was only strongly encouraged. In kendo, having a big fighting spirit as well as the focus plays a big role during matches. I guess that’s my contribution to the team besides all the administrative work. I came home from practice and a little while later, my friend came over. We basically talked a lot, like family and we spontaneously decided to go see a movie at midnight which proved to be difficult since we were already pretty tired. I came home and slept until 10am this morning. As I’ve gotten older, I noticed that sleep is my most treasured thing. Anyways, I hope you have a great Sunday!

Thank you for coming along!



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