Banana | Saturday Adventures

Hello everyone and happy Halloween!

Even though this is published today, on Sunday, it was because I had a pretty great Saturday.

For kendo club, I got the ability to coach the beginners again and since it was Halloween, I made it Halloween themed. I had them compete against each other and named each group “black cat”, “goblins”, “candy corn”. They seemed to appreciate my spontaneous creativity. I also had them do a “kiai contest” which consisted of them just practicing their shouts with fun and competitive means. I was telling some members that I have a different coaching style because I focus more on the smaller details for each individual as I work with a smaller group than just going through various exercises. Plus, I didn’t want them to be bored.

In the evening, I attended a Halloween party with Cru. On Thursday night, one of my friends asked some of us if we wanted to be bananas, so at the party, there were 5 bananas milling around. It was a hilarious sight and someone in a monkey costume added the hilarity. There was a point when all the bananas were dancing in a circle, bouncing up and down and wiggling our stems. We also did a photo shoot with all five bananas and the monkey. It’s like a strange album cover: The Ape and The Five Bananas. For the rest of the night, I just danced around. I feel like it’s easier to dance in a closer group than by yourself. I really liked being a banana! It was a dream come true – more than oh-K. (Comment below if you got that pun :))

Thus, that concluded Halloween night and National November Writing Month begins!

Thanks for coming along with me!



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