Coach | Saturday Adventures

Hello everyone,
So here’s the deal: I’m going to try my best to post at least one post a week. It may be a poetry breakdown, a quick piece, a quick piece breakdown, or just Saturday adventures. It’s difficult especially with various stresses, but thank you for sticking with me!

For this week’s Saturday Adventure, I’m going to start with yesterday because it was pretty exciting. In the evening, I got the opportunity to see one of my favorite singers, Mat Kearney with Parachute opening. The concert was at a little stage just off campus and I was surprised how small the place was and about 100 people showed up. With that being said, I managed to get pretty close to the stage. The lighting was beautiful and it played with the music well. Plus, I felt that the crowd was pretty active and was willing to engage with the performing artists.

If my ninth grade self saw my sophomore-in-college-self at the concert yesterday, she would probably say “Your dancing sucks, but at least you’re so happy!” I sang along with every song, interacted with the band when they asked to sing certain parts and I waggled around. Parachute had a similar style to Mat Kearney with a little more teenage angst. They teased the crowd who were majority female. When Mat Kearney came on stage, it just felt so surreal! How could one of my favorite singers be nearly five feet away from me at a cold city? Plus, he sang a couple of my absolute favorite songs and I felt chills running down my spine. He was pretty goofy whenever he talked to everyone. During one of the songs, he held up a disco ball to multiple beams of light, making a temporary disco party – as if it weren’t a party already!

I still cannot believe that he came and I went to see him!

Flash forwards to this afternoon when none of the other advanced members could make it, so I got to coach the five beginners who came. It was pretty fun and interesting as I got to experiment with my teaching style and how I interacted with the beginners. I made sure to go over the basics while changing things up from the usual coaching from the past couple of weeks. I know I won’t be coaching very often, but it was a nice experience. I made sure to personally talk to them and encourage them. Being a martial artist isn’t easy because there’s the entire confidence about whether or not you’re doing it right and with kendo, the fear of hurting someone or yourself. So, I decided to give them mini pep talks and to empower them for they are samurai! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

Thanks for coming along with me!


PS. During the concert, someone grabbed the wrong arm and grabbed mine instead haha


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