Sensei | Saturday Adventures

This Saturday, it was revolved around the cold weather and kendo practice. When I woke up this morning, I was sad that it was so grey out and after I pulled open the blinds, I saw snow falling from the grey masses. Today marks the day that snow marked the grounds of my university. After all, we are one of the snowiest cities. Then, I hauled my laundry around in a giant backpack making me feel like a mountain climber. As I was coming back to my apartment after doing laundry with all my warm clothing stuffed in the bag, I could feel the heat leaching onto my back and I suppose it was nice.

Then, I got everything ready and went to kendo practice. Today, we had a high ranked member from another school come practice with us and it was a good experience as he was able to give us great pointers since he doesn’t usually practice with us so he was able to give us a new perspective. I got the chance to spar with him and it was really cool because he was so much better than me, so I gave it my all. In the end, he said that he liked how aggressive I was and that I should be careful since I could burn out very fast. That’s the first time someone said to be careful about how aggressive I was because I am usually told to be more aggressive. Also, as I’ve been working on my kiai for the past two weeks, I can now scream like either a angry goat, an anguished singer or a banshee. Now I have to make sure I don’t strain my voice. Afterwards, we went to have Bubble tea as a tradition of our kendo club.

Thanks for coming along with me!



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