One Month Catch-Up | Saturday Adventures

Woah, I haven’t been keeping you updated with my life! I’m sorry about that, but as it goes for a university student, I’m pretty busy. I’ve also tried to keep my routine and schedule all figured out. For me, it takes me quite some time to adjust to a place even though I’ve been there before. Anyways, here’s a month and a week’s worth of my life!

September 12th was the second practice for kendo club. I was glad that the turn out for the second day matched the first day and the beginners were very eager. What kind of unnerved me was that I was literally in their spot a year ago and now I walk among the previous members in full armor and uniform. My roommate, also a fellow “second year kendoka” is probably tired of my constant revelations. I can’t stop! I won’t stop! Since I’m also the president, there are a lot of administrative work I have to do from reserving spots for a Sports Club Fair to sending tournament information. It’s a lot, but I know how much work goes into running a club.

On September 19th,there was kendo practice again and we started to get more serious. The coach trained me specifically and he wanted me to get used to being hit. To the beginners, it looked like he was punishing me since I wasn’t hitting back, yet it was a lesson. For that entire week, I had been dealing with some health difficulties and I’ve gone to the health center to get it checked out and I’m okay. I’ll have to see what the blood test says.

On September 26th, my parents came to visit me which was nice. They made my apartment feel even more like home. My parents brought a lot of food for me including some organic tomatoes and even a frozen pizza for lunch since I have a kitchen in the apartment. We didn’t do much except sit around in my apartment and just enjoy each other as a family. Sometimes all it takes is just being together again. Afterwards, I had a kendo practice and I was told to be more aggressive as per usual.

On October 3rd, I was at a retreat with Cru and it was at a camp on the edge of a beautiful lake. It was a little chillier than my college, but the sight and time spent with friends was definitely worth it. I got to see my good friend whom I don’t usually have a chance to see very often because we’re both very busy. The worship was amazing and the speaker really helped me refocus. In the evening, we got the opportunity to learn various line dances and how to square dance. It was a lot of fun enveloped in confusion. We just went with the flow. I was surprised that I took up the courage to dance because I typically don’t like putting myself out there like that.

Today, I woke up early with my roommate and we decided to go to a mini-class where we learn how to make stone tools. It was called flintknapping. I wanted to go because I thought it would be interesting and she went to get extra credit for her class. We came late, but we got to see a skilled guy smash a rock against another rock to make a pointed rock. Then, we got the opportunity to do it ourselves. I couldn’t help but think that one doesn’t belong – the one being me, an English major. In the atrium, there was a symphony of rocks clashing with other rocks and a low murmurer of questions and affirmations. An hour and a half later, my roommate and I have tools we were both satisfied with – mine resembling a semi-sharp arrowhead. It was an interesting experience to attend. Then, I had lunch at a Mexican/Chinese restaurant (one of a kind here) with some of my friends. There was a moment when my friend and I kind of zoned out on my poor friend who was in the middle of eating a chip, causing her to choke on the chip because she was laughing so hard. After that fiasco, I went to practice and trained some more with the beginners. Unfortunately, as I was sparring, I fell over which was pretty embarrassing and painful. Next week, I’ll be stronger! 😀

Well, what I’ve come to during my month at my school was that everyday can be an adventure!

I hope you find some great adventure today!





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