Motion | Poetry Breakdown

Hello again!

Long time no see and I apologize, but I’ve been swamped with responsibilities. I wish I had more time to write not just for assignments, but to write whatever I want. I enjoy writing for class because they’re very nice prompts such as my professor wanted us to describe a library without mentioning that it was a library and we also had to walk towards it as we had class on the quad. It was bizarre and cool at the same time. This entire summer filled with writing really helped because in my writing classes, I can see how much my writing has grown. I hope that it grows more!


It’s only when everything stands still
that you want things to start moving again.
Paused motions
Half spoken words
Incomplete thoughts
Things need to go on
in order for it to be considered valid.
Is that true?
Some moments all I wish for is
to just stop.
Enough time for a coffee
Enough time for a breath
Enough time just for me
It’s only when things stand still
do I appreciate what it means
to be in motion.

This piece is about appreciating life. It questions what is currently in play and plants a new idea which is to take a break. Our society is constantly in motion with numbers rising and papers increasing. Everything must be finished and completed. This statement retains to be true especially in the workplace and at school. You must finish your projects. You must hand in your assignments. That is how you become a good employee. That is how you become a top student. Yes, it’s good to be productive and know what you’re doing, but it’s also good to not be constantly stressed.

I would think that this poem is pretty self-explanatory, so I hope that you really apply what I’ve written this week. I hope you take some time for yourself whether it be 15 minutes with your eyes closed or an hour listening to your favorite songs outside. Do whatever you can to love yourself because when we’re constantly in motion, it’s a little difficult to really appreciate yourself.

There are definitely days where I’m running all over the place, doing things. When I get home, it’s so nice to just sit and finally hear silence. It’s nice to enjoy the quiet, but don’t isolate yourself. In the busy world, take some time away and relax, yet in the times when you don’t want to do anything, challenge yourself. You can do it! We are all very capable of doing things we don’t think we can do.

Have a great day!



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