Fearful Strength | Quick Piece Breakdown

Fearful Strength

Tumblr prompt: “So do you want to live or not? I’m no good with decisions.” By the way, I get all my prompts from this blog. Be sure to check them out because they do one-liner prompts that really spark your imagination.

Anyways, let’s delve into this short story I published on Sunday. It’s a very different piece, but the prompt encouraged me to write a different genre. I also wanted to expand my genres. Basically this story is about a girl named Anita who gets captured by a strange man. The title, Fearful Strength, means that her strength or anyone’s strength isn’t something that should be underestimate because we’re all capable of doing amazing things. The name Anita means many great things, one of which is leader and mercy. I feel like a name with meaning in this story really adds to the plot. Anyways, she powers through and gets away from him through a revelation with her mother’s voice. It’s one of the more violent and driven pieces, but it was a nice challenge.

It begins simply with Anita walking home after a day of hanging out with her friends and a wave of uncertainty crosses as she tries to go home. The inevitable happens and she finds herself questioning her strength as well as how much her life is worth. I wrote the nastiest guy I could ever picture attacking me with the worst intentions, but I made sure that he wasn’t the prime focus. The focus was supposed to be how she came about and how she decides to power through.

The first figure who come into play is her best friend who gently tells her to not give up as she would understand her to the point where her best friend would know her strength. Yet in that moment, all Anita could think about was a miracle. The second figure goes by the name of Brian. He is her lover and also gently persuades her, but with a growing sternness. He leaves her with promises to motivate her. The third figure that appears is her mother. Her mother knows Anita the best, so her first response would be out of panic and hidden love for her daughter which turn into careful guidance and motivation. She’s also the only one who can hear her in her visions. You can decide whether all three of the important people in her life contributed to her sudden strength or just her mother. Anita finds the strength within herself to defeat the creepy man. Her strength doesn’t necessarily fade when she runs to her mother. Her mother never underestimated her.

This piece is sort of an ode to my parents more so to my mother. Initially, we may interpret our parent’s love as harsh and unsympathetic when they are the ones who truly know what’s best for you. While their words may be harsh, their intentions are purely out of love. That may be because we as children think we’re invincible and dare not give up our pride in attempting to be responsible for ourselves when in reality, we need the help. We also have to take into consideration that our parents are human too! They feel happiness, tiredness and anger. There are definitely times when we see their rawest emotions, so they need breaks and love too. I’ve come to realize this only after I’ve gone to college and all my parent’s words have reigned true. So, love your parents because maybe one day you’ll be a parent and how will you feel now?

Have a nice day and I’ll see you soon!



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