Fearful Strength | Quick Piece

It was late at night and I just said good-bye to my friends after a long day of hanging out with them. The shadows grew long around the buildings and I felt a creeping sensation on the back of my neck. I pulled my phone out as if it would protect me if someone were to attack me. On the way to my apartment, I had to pass by a couple streets that seemed like they were drowning in a sea of darkness. I took a deep breath before starting a fear filled walk. My hands became clammy as I passed by the second street, but I remained safe. It wasn’t until I was nearly at the brightly lit street where my apartment was when I heard soft footsteps behind me. Every scenario raced through my mind and I subconsciously walked faster. The steps behind me grew louder and heavier. I shouted, “Stay away from me! I’ve got nothing you need!” The person chasing me started to laugh. It echoed throughout the buildings and surrounded me. Suddenly hands clamped on my mouth, smelling of grease. I could feel his muscles tightening around me as I squirmed and tried my best to make a sound even though there wasn’t anyone around. He whispered in my ear, “I want you, honey. You’re all I want.” I thought to myself “This is it. No one is going to ever hear of me again.” He started dragging me and we ended up inside of a dark room. His hands remained clamped on me and my entire body was sore from fighting. It was no use. He slammed me into the couch that knocked all the wind out of me and pulled out a dirty rag from the drawer, binding my mouth shut. I squealed and my heart pounded violently. I held my breath hoping that my heart would give out before I would go through whatever this man had planned for me. He pulled a pocket knife from his back pocket, sat on my legs so I wouldn’t move and pinned my arms back with his left hand. He brandished the knife against my throat and I was afraid that my trembling would slice my own throat. The light from the dingy lamp in the corner reflected off the knife and his eyes glared menacingly at me. He hissed, “So do you want to live or not? I’m no good with decisions.” I widened my eyes. How was I supposed to talk? This guy was an idiot. I glared at him and he leaned closer to me. His breath reeked of garlic and I closed my eyes. My best friend appeared to me with her hands extended. “Anita, my dear, this isn’t the end. Hang on!” I tried reaching my hands out to them, but they quickly faded away. “Come back! I need your help! Please, don’t go!” I shouted. My voice was clear, yet they acted like they couldn’t hear me. Brian appeared in front of me, clasped my face and whispered, “Anita, I would usually tell you to let it go, but this time is not that time. Don’t give up, my dear! I will be waiting for you.” I choked out a meager, Brian, but he also faded away. My mother appeared with her messy apron and called out, “Anita! What are you doing? Get up! Get up now!” My mother glared at me and tapped her foot. I whispered, “Momma, help me. Help me, please!” She said a little more gently, “Anita, my darling, I cannot do everything for you. This is in your own power and I have taught you from when you were little to be strong. Go on now and be strong! I know you can do it!” I still trembled with fear, but I had these words behind me. I opened my eyes and flashed my attacker with a furious glare. He smirked and whispered with his face inches away from mine, “Well? What’s your decision? There isn’t much choice for you, is there?” With immense strength, I pushed the 200 pound man off my lap and put my knee to his throat. The knife slipped out of his hand and fell onto the dusty ground with a loud thud. I scrambled to kick away the knife and shouted, “My decision is to live and you cannot hold that back from me!” I pressed harder into his throat and he flailed his arms. I scoffed and got up, hurrying out the door before he gets up. I ran the entire way back to my apartment, called my mom and cried as I told her everything that happened. She remained silent before saying, “I knew you could do it my dear Anita.”


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