And She Knew She Could | Quick Piece Breakdown 

And She Knew She Could

This piece was inspired by a simple statement found on Tumblr as well as a little bit of my own thought process as most writers do. The statement was, “She felt pointless, but that was no surprise.” Writing this piece came naturally to me because of my personal inspiration and I realized after taking a small break, that I could do anything I want with my own writing. Also, this semester, I’m taking a lot of writing and English classes that are helping me change my perspective with regards to literature and writing.

This story follows a woman and it’s obvious that she isn’t happy with her life. Everything is just so boring so much so that she wishes to be blind or to be hit by an explosion, anything to spice up her life. There are days when I’ve gone through my routine with nothing changing so that I want something exciting to happen. I have to admit that I also have wished for a crazy event to happen. After she finishes getting ready, she has a thought of her living room filled with her friends. It’s a comforting, yet a haunting thought for her after she realizes her friends are far away, doing their own thing.

As she’s locking her door, she has a thought to just leave everything behind. This thought stays with her and she carries it through with her to work. She’s dedicated and hardworking, but this work day is different because all she thinks about is leaving everything behind. She does so in the middle of a boring conversation with someone. It’s assumed that she either goes home and packs a back or she resigns from her job. I don’t leave it on a satisfactory note because I want the readers to imagine a nice life for her. In a way, the reader is thinking up a nice life for me. I didn’t give her a name because I wrote a little bit of myself into her and I’m sure other people can relate to her desire to change her life. Maybe you would find it fitting to insert your name for “her”.

The title ties everything together. She knew she could, so she did it. She’s not letting other things hold her down especially her happiness. To her, without happiness she can’t seem to enjoy life and I think that remains true for everyone. There are many ways we can obtain happiness, but for her, she just wants to start again.

Anyways, I hope you liked this little piece. See you soon!



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