Fair | Saturday Adventures 

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty nuts since between classes and buying books, I would hangout with my friends until evening fell. I didn’t get that much sleep or time to recharge, but it’s okay because I feel a lot better at school than last year where I was already thinking about transferring. Now, there’s no place I’d rather be. Also, I’m sorry this is late. I got back to my apartment at 3am and was in no shape to write a blog post.

Around my university, we have the annual state fair. Last year I went for the first time with my friend’s family and I remember on one ride that basically gyrates, seeing the university. It was a lovely and strange sight. Strange because it seemed so small to be able to contain so many intricate people. This year, I went with my friend and I walked around taking everything in. There were a lot of people (not as many as last time because we went at a later time). There were smells ranging from horse poop to fried dough. There was brightly colored giant plushies that lured you into playing the simple, yet difficult games. I filmed a little bit and I tried to capture that chaos as well as the excitement in the air. On a side note, it helps that I have a filming eye because it adds an interesting perspective to my writing.

My friend and I decided to go back when the sun started reaching its fingers across the ground. In the span of a couple hours, we did quite a few things and even though I didn’t eat or play any games, I saw many things. I’m glad I went because it was a nice little “sight refresher”. It was also pretty exhausting since I was around so many people. A couple hours after going to the fair, I went to the movies with my friends at midnight hence why I got back to my apartment at 3am. There’s the point of being so tired that everything seems to blur together. It’s another strange and uncomfortable feeling.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my day yesterday. A little later, you’ll get to read a short story I wrote!




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