And She Knew She Could | Quick Piece 

She slowly opened her eyes and peered at her alarm clock. There was still an hour before she actually had to get up, but she was wide awake. She sighed and pulled aside the duvet, allowing cool air to rush at her brutally. Her right foot tickled the slipper before slipping in and she shuffled across the room to open the blinds. She sighed again, suppressing a yawn and went to the bathroom to get ready. She wondered if this day would be any different – if it would surprise her rather than the usual and monotonous work she had to endure. She didn’t have her hopes up and dully stared at her reflection. She thought about explosions and how that would change everything even if it meant losing a limb. She thought about if she suddenly lost her sight. That would just make her unable to go to work. She washed her face and turned off the light in the bathroom. After spending less than five minutes picking out an outfit, she headed downstairs to find something to eat. She didn’t have an appetite, so she shut the fridge with defeat. Before she left, she looked at her empty couch and pictured lively friends laughing and eating food she prepared. She shook her head and denied that would ever happen. Most of her friends were in the city while she got stuck in the suburbs. She remembered a couple years ago when she was content. She would leave her house when the sun rose and didn’t get back long after the sun set. Now she just couldn’t wait to be home. She felt pointless, but that was no surprise. She locked the door and as she was turning the key, she wished she could throw away her key and wished to never come back, to start a new life the next day. For the entire day, that thought stuck with her even in the middle of long and dry meetings. One of her co-workers was trying to explain to her about something, but all she could think about was throwing away her key. She politely nodded and excused herself in the middle of the conversation. She simply picked up her bag and walked out the door, a wide smile on her face. It wasn’t an explosion or a physical ailment she was looking for, it was the mere idea and action of just going somewhere. And she knew she could.


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