Motion | Poetry Breakdown

Hello again!

Long time no see and I apologize, but I’ve been swamped with responsibilities. I wish I had more time to write not just for assignments, but to write whatever I want. I enjoy writing for class because they’re very nice prompts such as my professor wanted us to describe a library without mentioning that it was a library and we also had to walk towards it as we had class on the quad. It was bizarre and cool at the same time. This entire summer filled with writing really helped because in my writing classes, I can see how much my writing has grown. I hope that it grows more!


It’s only when everything stands still
that you want things to start moving again.
Paused motions
Half spoken words
Incomplete thoughts
Things need to go on
in order for it to be considered valid.
Is that true?
Some moments all I wish for is
to just stop.
Enough time for a coffee
Enough time for a breath
Enough time just for me
It’s only when things stand still
do I appreciate what it means
to be in motion.

This piece is about appreciating life. It questions what is currently in play and plants a new idea which is to take a break. Our society is constantly in motion with numbers rising and papers increasing. Everything must be finished and completed. This statement retains to be true especially in the workplace and at school. You must finish your projects. You must hand in your assignments. That is how you become a good employee. That is how you become a top student. Yes, it’s good to be productive and know what you’re doing, but it’s also good to not be constantly stressed.

I would think that this poem is pretty self-explanatory, so I hope that you really apply what I’ve written this week. I hope you take some time for yourself whether it be 15 minutes with your eyes closed or an hour listening to your favorite songs outside. Do whatever you can to love yourself because when we’re constantly in motion, it’s a little difficult to really appreciate yourself.

There are definitely days where I’m running all over the place, doing things. When I get home, it’s so nice to just sit and finally hear silence. It’s nice to enjoy the quiet, but don’t isolate yourself. In the busy world, take some time away and relax, yet in the times when you don’t want to do anything, challenge yourself. You can do it! We are all very capable of doing things we don’t think we can do.

Have a great day!



Fearful Strength | Quick Piece Breakdown

Fearful Strength

Tumblr prompt: “So do you want to live or not? I’m no good with decisions.” By the way, I get all my prompts from this blog. Be sure to check them out because they do one-liner prompts that really spark your imagination.

Anyways, let’s delve into this short story I published on Sunday. It’s a very different piece, but the prompt encouraged me to write a different genre. I also wanted to expand my genres. Basically this story is about a girl named Anita who gets captured by a strange man. The title, Fearful Strength, means that her strength or anyone’s strength isn’t something that should be underestimate because we’re all capable of doing amazing things. The name Anita means many great things, one of which is leader and mercy. I feel like a name with meaning in this story really adds to the plot. Anyways, she powers through and gets away from him through a revelation with her mother’s voice. It’s one of the more violent and driven pieces, but it was a nice challenge.

It begins simply with Anita walking home after a day of hanging out with her friends and a wave of uncertainty crosses as she tries to go home. The inevitable happens and she finds herself questioning her strength as well as how much her life is worth. I wrote the nastiest guy I could ever picture attacking me with the worst intentions, but I made sure that he wasn’t the prime focus. The focus was supposed to be how she came about and how she decides to power through.

The first figure who come into play is her best friend who gently tells her to not give up as she would understand her to the point where her best friend would know her strength. Yet in that moment, all Anita could think about was a miracle. The second figure goes by the name of Brian. He is her lover and also gently persuades her, but with a growing sternness. He leaves her with promises to motivate her. The third figure that appears is her mother. Her mother knows Anita the best, so her first response would be out of panic and hidden love for her daughter which turn into careful guidance and motivation. She’s also the only one who can hear her in her visions. You can decide whether all three of the important people in her life contributed to her sudden strength or just her mother. Anita finds the strength within herself to defeat the creepy man. Her strength doesn’t necessarily fade when she runs to her mother. Her mother never underestimated her.

This piece is sort of an ode to my parents more so to my mother. Initially, we may interpret our parent’s love as harsh and unsympathetic when they are the ones who truly know what’s best for you. While their words may be harsh, their intentions are purely out of love. That may be because we as children think we’re invincible and dare not give up our pride in attempting to be responsible for ourselves when in reality, we need the help. We also have to take into consideration that our parents are human too! They feel happiness, tiredness and anger. There are definitely times when we see their rawest emotions, so they need breaks and love too. I’ve come to realize this only after I’ve gone to college and all my parent’s words have reigned true. So, love your parents because maybe one day you’ll be a parent and how will you feel now?

Have a nice day and I’ll see you soon!


Fearful Strength | Quick Piece

It was late at night and I just said good-bye to my friends after a long day of hanging out with them. The shadows grew long around the buildings and I felt a creeping sensation on the back of my neck. I pulled my phone out as if it would protect me if someone were to attack me. On the way to my apartment, I had to pass by a couple streets that seemed like they were drowning in a sea of darkness. I took a deep breath before starting a fear filled walk. My hands became clammy as I passed by the second street, but I remained safe. It wasn’t until I was nearly at the brightly lit street where my apartment was when I heard soft footsteps behind me. Every scenario raced through my mind and I subconsciously walked faster. The steps behind me grew louder and heavier. I shouted, “Stay away from me! I’ve got nothing you need!” The person chasing me started to laugh. It echoed throughout the buildings and surrounded me. Suddenly hands clamped on my mouth, smelling of grease. I could feel his muscles tightening around me as I squirmed and tried my best to make a sound even though there wasn’t anyone around. He whispered in my ear, “I want you, honey. You’re all I want.” I thought to myself “This is it. No one is going to ever hear of me again.” He started dragging me and we ended up inside of a dark room. His hands remained clamped on me and my entire body was sore from fighting. It was no use. He slammed me into the couch that knocked all the wind out of me and pulled out a dirty rag from the drawer, binding my mouth shut. I squealed and my heart pounded violently. I held my breath hoping that my heart would give out before I would go through whatever this man had planned for me. He pulled a pocket knife from his back pocket, sat on my legs so I wouldn’t move and pinned my arms back with his left hand. He brandished the knife against my throat and I was afraid that my trembling would slice my own throat. The light from the dingy lamp in the corner reflected off the knife and his eyes glared menacingly at me. He hissed, “So do you want to live or not? I’m no good with decisions.” I widened my eyes. How was I supposed to talk? This guy was an idiot. I glared at him and he leaned closer to me. His breath reeked of garlic and I closed my eyes. My best friend appeared to me with her hands extended. “Anita, my dear, this isn’t the end. Hang on!” I tried reaching my hands out to them, but they quickly faded away. “Come back! I need your help! Please, don’t go!” I shouted. My voice was clear, yet they acted like they couldn’t hear me. Brian appeared in front of me, clasped my face and whispered, “Anita, I would usually tell you to let it go, but this time is not that time. Don’t give up, my dear! I will be waiting for you.” I choked out a meager, Brian, but he also faded away. My mother appeared with her messy apron and called out, “Anita! What are you doing? Get up! Get up now!” My mother glared at me and tapped her foot. I whispered, “Momma, help me. Help me, please!” She said a little more gently, “Anita, my darling, I cannot do everything for you. This is in your own power and I have taught you from when you were little to be strong. Go on now and be strong! I know you can do it!” I still trembled with fear, but I had these words behind me. I opened my eyes and flashed my attacker with a furious glare. He smirked and whispered with his face inches away from mine, “Well? What’s your decision? There isn’t much choice for you, is there?” With immense strength, I pushed the 200 pound man off my lap and put my knee to his throat. The knife slipped out of his hand and fell onto the dusty ground with a loud thud. I scrambled to kick away the knife and shouted, “My decision is to live and you cannot hold that back from me!” I pressed harder into his throat and he flailed his arms. I scoffed and got up, hurrying out the door before he gets up. I ran the entire way back to my apartment, called my mom and cried as I told her everything that happened. She remained silent before saying, “I knew you could do it my dear Anita.”

And She Knew She Could | Quick Piece Breakdown 

And She Knew She Could

This piece was inspired by a simple statement found on Tumblr as well as a little bit of my own thought process as most writers do. The statement was, “She felt pointless, but that was no surprise.” Writing this piece came naturally to me because of my personal inspiration and I realized after taking a small break, that I could do anything I want with my own writing. Also, this semester, I’m taking a lot of writing and English classes that are helping me change my perspective with regards to literature and writing.

This story follows a woman and it’s obvious that she isn’t happy with her life. Everything is just so boring so much so that she wishes to be blind or to be hit by an explosion, anything to spice up her life. There are days when I’ve gone through my routine with nothing changing so that I want something exciting to happen. I have to admit that I also have wished for a crazy event to happen. After she finishes getting ready, she has a thought of her living room filled with her friends. It’s a comforting, yet a haunting thought for her after she realizes her friends are far away, doing their own thing.

As she’s locking her door, she has a thought to just leave everything behind. This thought stays with her and she carries it through with her to work. She’s dedicated and hardworking, but this work day is different because all she thinks about is leaving everything behind. She does so in the middle of a boring conversation with someone. It’s assumed that she either goes home and packs a back or she resigns from her job. I don’t leave it on a satisfactory note because I want the readers to imagine a nice life for her. In a way, the reader is thinking up a nice life for me. I didn’t give her a name because I wrote a little bit of myself into her and I’m sure other people can relate to her desire to change her life. Maybe you would find it fitting to insert your name for “her”.

The title ties everything together. She knew she could, so she did it. She’s not letting other things hold her down especially her happiness. To her, without happiness she can’t seem to enjoy life and I think that remains true for everyone. There are many ways we can obtain happiness, but for her, she just wants to start again.

Anyways, I hope you liked this little piece. See you soon!


And She Knew She Could | Quick Piece 

She slowly opened her eyes and peered at her alarm clock. There was still an hour before she actually had to get up, but she was wide awake. She sighed and pulled aside the duvet, allowing cool air to rush at her brutally. Her right foot tickled the slipper before slipping in and she shuffled across the room to open the blinds. She sighed again, suppressing a yawn and went to the bathroom to get ready. She wondered if this day would be any different – if it would surprise her rather than the usual and monotonous work she had to endure. She didn’t have her hopes up and dully stared at her reflection. She thought about explosions and how that would change everything even if it meant losing a limb. She thought about if she suddenly lost her sight. That would just make her unable to go to work. She washed her face and turned off the light in the bathroom. After spending less than five minutes picking out an outfit, she headed downstairs to find something to eat. She didn’t have an appetite, so she shut the fridge with defeat. Before she left, she looked at her empty couch and pictured lively friends laughing and eating food she prepared. She shook her head and denied that would ever happen. Most of her friends were in the city while she got stuck in the suburbs. She remembered a couple years ago when she was content. She would leave her house when the sun rose and didn’t get back long after the sun set. Now she just couldn’t wait to be home. She felt pointless, but that was no surprise. She locked the door and as she was turning the key, she wished she could throw away her key and wished to never come back, to start a new life the next day. For the entire day, that thought stuck with her even in the middle of long and dry meetings. One of her co-workers was trying to explain to her about something, but all she could think about was throwing away her key. She politely nodded and excused herself in the middle of the conversation. She simply picked up her bag and walked out the door, a wide smile on her face. It wasn’t an explosion or a physical ailment she was looking for, it was the mere idea and action of just going somewhere. And she knew she could.

Fair | Saturday Adventures 

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty nuts since between classes and buying books, I would hangout with my friends until evening fell. I didn’t get that much sleep or time to recharge, but it’s okay because I feel a lot better at school than last year where I was already thinking about transferring. Now, there’s no place I’d rather be. Also, I’m sorry this is late. I got back to my apartment at 3am and was in no shape to write a blog post.

Around my university, we have the annual state fair. Last year I went for the first time with my friend’s family and I remember on one ride that basically gyrates, seeing the university. It was a lovely and strange sight. Strange because it seemed so small to be able to contain so many intricate people. This year, I went with my friend and I walked around taking everything in. There were a lot of people (not as many as last time because we went at a later time). There were smells ranging from horse poop to fried dough. There was brightly colored giant plushies that lured you into playing the simple, yet difficult games. I filmed a little bit and I tried to capture that chaos as well as the excitement in the air. On a side note, it helps that I have a filming eye because it adds an interesting perspective to my writing.

My friend and I decided to go back when the sun started reaching its fingers across the ground. In the span of a couple hours, we did quite a few things and even though I didn’t eat or play any games, I saw many things. I’m glad I went because it was a nice little “sight refresher”. It was also pretty exhausting since I was around so many people. A couple hours after going to the fair, I went to the movies with my friends at midnight hence why I got back to my apartment at 3am. There’s the point of being so tired that everything seems to blur together. It’s another strange and uncomfortable feeling.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my day yesterday. A little later, you’ll get to read a short story I wrote!



Pause | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

Long time no see! I’m at school now and it’s nice being back although finances are stressing me out and I’ve been doing a lot of un-fun things. I feel responsible, but I know I’m not ready for it. Anyways, here’s a poem called “Pause”.

If you had a chance
to redo your life
whether it be one hour
or one day,
would you cease the opportunity?
If you had a chance to say a last good bye
or say I love you one last time,
would you muster up everything you got
just to say it?
If you had a chance
to make things better
even though tears will fall and fists will tremble,
would you still do it?

Whatever the moment,
whether it be painful
or lost,
cease it
or else the moment will be lost
since time cannot be stopped.

Ever since I’ve gone back to school, I felt like time was going so fast probably because I was doing so many things. It’s a good thing because it means I’m enjoying it, but it’s also overwhelming since it’s hard to do things right if you understand what I mean. It’s the factor of taking the time and making the most of it. Basically this poem is to not have many regrets, but to just take the chances. 

We all have moments where we wished that there was a device to turn back time. We all have the moments where we wished we said something instead of staying silent whether it be because it would be our last moment or it would potentially have a lasting impact. At the end of each “if” question, I ask something around the lines of “would you take the chance?”

The second paragraph, the one with the most impact, I write that you should take the opportunity even if initially, it is painful because you won’t get the moment back again. Think about it. If we did make a product that has the ability to stop time, would that alter how you do things? Would you save it up or would you never do things right because you know you have an automatic redo? With all these questions, it would cause you to think about how much you value your life based on how much time you spend. Maybe you don’t want to do that job that you really hate and start perusing something you love. Maybe you’re going to tell someone you like them. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid and just do it.

I hope you have a great day and I’ll see you on Saturday.