South | Saturday Adventures

Hello everyone,

I’m going to apologize before I go forth with my Saturday and apologize for not putting out a Poetry Breakdown the past Thursday. I was busy with packing and cramming in some last minute hangouts with my friends. I hope you understand now that summer’s pretty much over that I’m going to be pretty busy, so there will be some posts missing here or there.

This Friday, I moved into my apartment at my school and within the hour of moving in, I realized how many things I was missing. Then, I realized how unready I was for this type of life because I barely had any vegetables and money to buy more food or supplies. My dinner yesterday consisted of yogurt and a granola bar. My dinner today consisted of a lot of random things, but I think I covered all the food groups. For most of the day, I met up with my friend and my friend, my roommate and I walked around South campus, exploring all aspects of it. We found a little trail that leads to a ropes course and I didn’t think that there was forestry on campus. After exploring South Campus, we rode the bus to get a feel of it and came back to our little apartment. Nothing much really happened today expect just getting used to this new and more responsible life.

Wish me luck!



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