Breathe | Quick Piece Breakdown


Yes, I got my inspiration from Tumblr again. This piece is in a genre that I don’t find myself writing stories in anymore because I’ve found it really hard to make it sound original. I’m glad for short stories though because I don’t have to end it on a happy ending or give it much conclusion after all.

This is a story about a complicated relationship, but both of them want to somehow make things better again. It only depicts a short span of time, but it carries lots of heavy emotions. It’s told in the girl’s point of view and it’s obvious that she feels a lot of emotions spanning from anger to sorrow to nervousness. There’s a lot of anticipation in wanting the other to say something or the girl finding something to say. There’s also a parallel between the boy and the girl’s breath stopping, usually at moments they weren’t prepared for. For the girl, she was uncertain about being close to the boy and didn’t feel comfortable being as one, breathing together. For the boy, he didn’t want to hear that she had lost him. It pained them both ways and the boy realized what he had done and the girl recognized that. In the end, I didn’t really give a solid conclusion in whether or not they got back together. It’s up to you if you want them to be together or not.

I didn’t specify on what the issue was whether it be a miscommunication, a breakup, a cheating incident or just two friends wanting to be friends again. Hopefully I wrote it so that it’s relatable in whatever complicated situation. So, in situations where it seems like there is no end, don’t give up!

Have a nice day!



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