Lake | Saturday Adventures

Hello everyone,

I could say that I went to a beach today, but it was a lake. Most things were the same with many people tanning and families building sandcastles. As the sun rose higher and the shadows grew longer, more umbrellas popped up on the sand by the lake. There were more children screaming and playing marco polo as well as attempting to build the best sandcastles with moats and lakes. I saw an older man with bright plastic beach toys making the most exquisite and definitely the best sand mansion. I aspire to be like him. My brother and his friend were set on building the deepest hole with a tunnel system. It was pretty cool except for the sloshing wet sand. I made a sea turtle and my mom helped by adding stones on its shell that spelled out my Chinese name. I took a basic plastic container and quickly built my town. I added little sand spheres on top only to have them be destroyed by Mommy Monster. Most of the day was spent covered in sand, staring at the water and sky and digging a hole. I wouldn’t have had it any different.

Thanks for coming along with me on this simple adventure!




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