Clarity | Quick Piece Breakdown


Once again, I consulted Tumblr for a writing prompt and I used he wandered for hours in the garden of rust. It gave me a sense of dystopia and mystery. Who was “he”? What is the garden of rust? Why was he wandering for hours? From this simple statement, I gathered all these questions and I wanted to formulate a story around it, answering these questions.

This is a story about a man who is clearly very lonely and blinded by his loneliness. I wrote it from his perspective because a part of me relates to him. In the first half of the story, it’s all grey and polluted. There’s barely any life except for the man who appears to be the only human. Yet, that’s proven to be wrong in the end because he went around and told people. This man has been going through routine for a long time and one day, something disturbed his routine. It was the thought that he was terribly alone in this world and he wanted to change that. He starts wandering and finds himself in this garden of rust. There was nothing else for him to look for so he gave up and became filled with anguish. He starts questioning everything which causes him to cry in frustration. Those tears, cleansed him and he no longer has a clouded point of view. The world is actually filled with color and he tells everyone about his revelation.

This story is about taking a new perspective on things. When something seems so dull and nothing you do seems to be good enough, sometimes you need to look at it from a different point of view. If you tend to scrutinize yourself, then try looking at yourself from your mother’s point of view. If you think you’re a failure, try looking at yourself from your friend’s point of view. Sometimes our viewpoint is obstructed with our own biases and that’s okay, but don’t let it prevent you from developing valuable relationships or enjoying life. This story also talks about being grateful for things you have like eyes. Don’t take simpler things for granted because without them, could you manage?

That’s all for this week’s Quick Piece Breakdown! I hope you enjoyed it!

Tomorrow, I’m starting a new weekly series which is a Bible study where I either go through passages or verses. For me, when I write, it helps me focus and remember things better. I hope you guys will join me in this new series!



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