Clarity | Quick Piece

With each step he took, large cloud dusts rose up from under his feet. He swung his long arms by his side with no motivation. His head bobbed up and down, over and under the smog and his nose was filled with smog, but cleared up when he came over the cloud. When he got to his grey house, he plopped down his suitcase, hung up his hat and sat on his couch. He had the sudden urge to watch TV and find out what was happening in the world, but he didn’t have one. He heaved an enormous sigh, put on his shoes and hat and started off into the dusty world once again. Half way down his street, he was hit with a stray thought. He needed someone. He stopped dead in his tracks and felt the smog flow around him, grazing his arm and caressing his face. He took a deep breath and started choking. He doubled over and heaved up smog that was trapped and emptiness filled him again. He walked through an open gate and he wandered for hours in the garden of rust. The day grew long and he sat down, defeated and empty. As the evening came around he found himself reaching blindly for the light. He scratched at the ground and felt the dirt caking his fingernails. He grappled with air and wondered why everything was shrouded in a cool and dank cloud. He shouted into the air, “Why am I left alone in this world? What have I done to deserve this?” He slammed his fists on the ground and tears streamed from his clouded eyes. They ran down his face leaving long trails. He lifted his head and was amazed. The night sky shone brightly and stars glistened in the distance. How come he never saw these stars? How come he never realized the extent of nighttime beauty? He wandered around the garden and brushed his fingers along the tree’s leaves and the flowers on the ground. Even though it was nighttime and everything was shrouded in darkness, the colors shone through. When the sun rose, tears sprung to his eyes again and he trembled and reveled as the world came back to life. For the rest of the life, he told everyone he met about his newfound clarity. People would be amazed and moved by his energy and love for everything simple and he would tell them that his tears cleansed him. He wanted everyone to love life just as much as he did.


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