Liquid | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re well. I’ll be going on vacation tomorrow! It’s just a small family vacation to Hershey Park before I go back to school. Here’s a new and unique poem for this week’s Poetry Breakdown!


A turn of the tides
a slosh of the bowl
a splash of milk
and a fast tear drop
Things were spilled
Things were exposed
Things were lost.

This poem came at the moment and it was another one of my attempts in writing a poem that went against what I usually write. The entire poem is filled with little ideas, but they’re all liquids or they have something to do with the properties of liquids. Knowing poets and me, each of these ideas relate back to something else – a bigger idea.

A turn of the tides means that there was a conflict and things are changing. A slosh of the bowl (that contains some liquid; I imagined an overflowing cereal bowl) means that there is disorder and chaos. A splash of milk means that there’s an effort to refill the emptiness, but it was left in sadness and anger hence the fast tear drop.

In the next part of the poem, more ideas are written out in attempts to define the other smaller allusions. With the slosh of the blow, something was lost. With the disorder, something precious was lost. With the splash of the milk or an effort to regain something, something was exposed. And with the lost tear, something was lost out of anger. The message with this poem is that everything has its consequences.

Have a great week,



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