Chicken Fingers | Quick Piece Breakdown

Chicken Fingers

I got the inspiration for this piece from a writing prompt blog on Tumblr. The prompt was I just want to be normal. I want a stupid crush and to eat dinner at 9pm and have a terrible local band. I want to be you. With these statements, I spun a story of two girls named Liz and Anna trying to rebuild their friendship again. The story is told in Liz’s point of view and from her thought process, you can tell that she is more assertive than Anna, but Liz also values friendship more than you may think through how she’s perceived in this short story. Anna is quieter than Liz, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a voice. She’s definitely more nervous. Both women want their friendship to work again because they both came to a place to meet.

It’s mentioned that Anna is going through something – something big enough to make her feel uncomfortable about seeing her friend. I purposely made it vague because it could be anxiety, depression or just bad days. This story doesn’t really focus on that small aspect, but rather on Liz’s response. Liz is accepting and encourages Anna to be herself rather telling her off. The exchange they have is kind of immature and shallow, but it’s basically saying that they will be together no matter what.

That’s all for this week’s Quick Piece Breakdown! See you in a couple days with Poetry Breakdown!



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