Chicken Fingers| Quick Piece

I sat in front of her and glared at her. Her gaze remained neutral, but she was fidgeting with her napkin more. I leaned in closer and she leaned slightly back. If there wasn’t a table between us or people around us, I would’ve grabbed her on the shoulders and shook her for a response. She opened her mouth once and closed it, which irritated me more. I can’t continue wasting anymore time. The waiter came by and set down the plates of food we ordered, a cheeseburger for me and chicken fingers for her. I nodded and said my thanks to the waiter before he left. I couldn’t wait any longer, but I had to maintain my composure. I started calmly, “Anna, I’m sure you know why I asked you to meet me today.” I sighed and continued. I noticed that her gaze left her chicken fingers. “We were once best friends and I just want to ask you why it broke apart. It was so sudden and I was left with no warning.” I found my voice ending on a high-pitched tone and quickly leaned back in my chair. She took a deep breath and wiped her hands on her napkin, not ever lifting her gaze to meet my eyes. “Liz, I should’ve told you this earlier, but I’ve been going through things. “ She grabbed her napkin and fiddled with it. “What is it, Anna?” I asked after a long minute of silence. She looked into my eyes and solemnly said, “I’ve just been extremely sad to the point where I’ve been afraid of everything. “ She looked down with her eyes, darting around before quickly saying, “I just want to be normal. I want a stupid crush and to eat dinner at 9pm and have a terrible local band. I want to be you” I gasped and choked on my hamburger. She lowered her gaze and fiddled with her napkin, not touching her lunch at all. I didn’t know what to say. Emotions ran wildly around in my head. I was either flattered or embarrassed and I didn’t know which. We sat in silence not touching our food or looking at each other. Anyone who walked in would’ve guessed that something was wrong. I broke the silence with a large sigh and loudly exclaimed, “Well, that’s not right!” She jumped slightly with my sudden enthusiasm and looked at me quizzically. “You’re Anna and I’m Liz. I’m not Anna and you’re not Liz. And I won’t judge you because friends are supposed to judge each other together.” I smiled at the last statement hoping that she would get the hint that I forgive her and we can move on. She smiled back and started eating her chicken fingers while I eyed my empty plate. The talk had stressed me out so much that I had eaten my burger so fast that I forgot how it tasted. She laughed and offered me some of her chicken fingers. “That’s what friends are for right? To make sure the other one eats unhealthily too!” I laughed and took some chicken fingers. I thought to myself as we started catching up without missing a beat, all is well again.


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