Blueberries and Cliffs | August 8, 2015

Hello everyone and happy 8/8!

Flashback 7 years ago: My grandparents were staying at my house from China. I was 11 and my brother was 7. It was also the year that China hosted the Summer Olympics for 2008 and the opening ceremony was playing with all the bright colors and flashy sounds. I was amazed that the sheer amount of people involved with the ceremony and I felt strangely proud of all the athletes who were going to compete. As my family and I watched the countries go by with the announcement and cheers, we waited on China and we figured that they would be the grand finale. I also wanted to see my grandparent’s reaction to seeing their country parade into the stadium, waving their flag around. As an 11 year old, I was disappointed and angry that my grandparents went to bed before they could see their country come up. I forgave them as the week went on and our entire family got to watch divers gracefully dive into the pools.

Anyways, today I went mountain climbing with my family. En route to the top, we picked some blueberries that stained my mother’s teeth navy blue and scratched our legs because we wanted to find the biggest and sweetest blueberry. Yet, I can’t forget about following my brother through a sea of ferns or stuffing all the chocolate from our bag before they melted. Afterwards, we went up the mountain to sit on the edge, looking out on a volcanic lake. My family and I have gone to this mountain quite a few times, so we know where trails lead. It sounds very picturesque, but I’m very uncomfortable around heights, so I just looked over the lake from a safe distance away from the drop. Our family made our way safely down and we even stopped by the side of the road on the way back just so my mom and I could take pictures of sunflowers. We got back home and had KFC for dinner. That’s more picture perfect.

I hope you enjoyed my snippet of my life!

See you tomorrow for a short story!



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