You Can | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re well. This week slowed down significantly and I’m glad to be able to have the time for myself. Next week, I’ll be going on vacation and I can’t believe that we’re actually going somewhere.

“You Can”

With each day that passes,
you think to yourself
“Am I going to stop or
am I going to go?”
You slip on your socks
and step out the door,
feeling the warm sun
or the drizzling rain.
You ask yourself again
“Is this day going to get worse
or am I going to make it better?”
With every day that passes,
you have to keep telling yourself to
go because I can tell you
that there are
plenty of large rocks that tower over you
plenty of rivers that dare to sweep you away
plenty of mountains that stand in your way
but you just go
because you can.

This poem is pretty self-explanatory, but it basically talks about how anyone has the capabilities to continue even if it may seem difficult at the time. Then, you should try your best with each day, with each step of the day to move on. It’s your decision to make things better. There will be circumstances that get in your way, but you also have to choice to move forward, go around or break through instead of staying at a standstill. There is no guarantee that your path will be easy when you think you have it figured out, but the most important thing is that you  have the will power to keep moving forward. So in this poem, I’m telling you that you can.

Sorry that this was a little short, but I hope you enjoyed it!



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