Go | Quick Piece Breakdown


Summer time is a trap for being lazy and wanting to do nothing, but become nostalgic. In this piece, I write about how this person seemed to be trapped in what they want to do and what has happened rather than what they could be doing. Yet in the end, we don’t even want to do anything.

In my opinion, social media can be pretty damaging to someone’s self-esteem. People post things that either complain about every aspect of their lives or make it appear like their lives are perfect. When in reality, that isn’t the case and we all know that since we compare those pictures/statuses with our own lives, driving us to be rather confused and questioning why our lives isn’t good. Yet, this is only my opinion about social media and it doesn’t mean that you should have the same stand as I do.

In the last two sentences, it seems like the story won’t turn for the better with the person lying to themselves about their day. Yet, the question that would probably make someone pause and reevaluate their lives for the better helps turn the story around. The title, Go, is an encouragement to those who have been waiting. I was going to title the piece, Wait, but that would be slightly discouraging.

Basically the piece is about seizing the moment and moving forwards with your life. I find myself writing more pieces about this subject because I’m currently trying to gather up this mentality to live a happier life.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Quick Piece Breakdown.



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