Relax | August 1, 2015

Hello again!
I hope your week has been well. As for me, I’ve been pretty busy with a Chinese camp at my church. I was the photographer for the week and I also recorded some clips to compile them into a video. To tell you the truth, I really enjoy editing videos and I think I’ll use that as a back up plan if being a writer fails.

Today I had a relaxing day with my family after a week filled with excitement. There were plenty of laughable moments this past week, but it also got very tiring. The end result of seeing the children and parents watch my videos and make their oohs and ahhs reminded me that I am an artist.

Today I just lounged around and watched YouTube videos. For dinner, my family and I had a BBQ and it was nice just hearing only the leisurely talk and the wind rustling through the trees. This was what summer was all about. Everything does turn out to be okay.

It wasn’t as adventurous as last week, but it’s different.

See you next time!




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