South | Saturday Adventures

Hello everyone,

I’m going to apologize before I go forth with my Saturday and apologize for not putting out a Poetry Breakdown the past Thursday. I was busy with packing and cramming in some last minute hangouts with my friends. I hope you understand now that summer’s pretty much over that I’m going to be pretty busy, so there will be some posts missing here or there.

This Friday, I moved into my apartment at my school and within the hour of moving in, I realized how many things I was missing. Then, I realized how unready I was for this type of life because I barely had any vegetables and money to buy more food or supplies. My dinner yesterday consisted of yogurt and a granola bar. My dinner today consisted of a lot of random things, but I think I covered all the food groups. For most of the day, I met up with my friend and my friend, my roommate and I walked around South campus, exploring all aspects of it. We found a little trail that leads to a ropes course and I didn’t think that there was forestry on campus. After exploring South Campus, we rode the bus to get a feel of it and came back to our little apartment. Nothing much really happened today expect just getting used to this new and more responsible life.

Wish me luck!



1 Corinthians 2 | Bible Study

Hello again,

It seems like I’m publishing on this blog for three days straight and I’m going to see how it’s going to work out in the school year. This is just me giving you guys a heads up in case you don’t see a post in its usual time. If you don’t see a post at all during one of these days, then I’m probably too swamped with classwork to write a blog post. I’m going to try my best though.

1 Corinthians 2 (NLT)

There’s only one section in this chapter called Paul’s Message of Wisdom. Throughout this passage, he talks about how he would spread the gospel to different groups of people. It was only until I personally started studying this did I realize how faithful Paul is. He stated that he would forget about everything else except for Jesus Christ. To approach people, he approached them humbly – “timid and trembling”. Paul solely relied on The Holy Spirit to guide him in his sermons, using plain and simple words because he wanted us to trust in God’s words rather than his words (human’s words). Yet he changes his way of speaking when he’s talking to those who are more mature than others with regards to spirituality. He speaks with wisdom, but not intelligently. He speaks with “the mystery of God – his plan that was previously hidden, even though he made it our ultimate glory before the world began.” That may mean he spoke about God’s salvation, but in the next sentence, he said that if they understood that then they wouldn’t have crucified Jesus Christ.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
and no mind has imagined
what God has prepared
for those who love him.”
God’s love is just that great and encompassing. We know of this only because it was revealed to us through The Spirit. By receiving Christ into our lives, we can know of these things. Paul clearly states that it’s not the world’s spirit we receive, but God’s Spirit, but going back to spirituality, only those who are spiritual may receive the Spirit because only they can understand it. It would just be nonsense to those who aren’t spiritual. No one else can understand God except those who are spiritual because “we have the mind of God.” We as Christians should feel honored that we have the mind of God revealed to us by His Spirit.
With that being said, it’s a comforting, yet fearful statement. That’s what it feels like to fear God – to be in revere and awe while being completely aware of what He’s capable of. By fearing God, we are more humble because we know what He can do, but we’re also more open to save those because they don’t know what will be coming for them. God is omniscient – all knowing. He knows our thoughts and what we will do.
Shouldn’t we spend every moment for His glory?
Have a great day!

Breathe | Quick Piece Breakdown


Yes, I got my inspiration from Tumblr again. This piece is in a genre that I don’t find myself writing stories in anymore because I’ve found it really hard to make it sound original. I’m glad for short stories though because I don’t have to end it on a happy ending or give it much conclusion after all.

This is a story about a complicated relationship, but both of them want to somehow make things better again. It only depicts a short span of time, but it carries lots of heavy emotions. It’s told in the girl’s point of view and it’s obvious that she feels a lot of emotions spanning from anger to sorrow to nervousness. There’s a lot of anticipation in wanting the other to say something or the girl finding something to say. There’s also a parallel between the boy and the girl’s breath stopping, usually at moments they weren’t prepared for. For the girl, she was uncertain about being close to the boy and didn’t feel comfortable being as one, breathing together. For the boy, he didn’t want to hear that she had lost him. It pained them both ways and the boy realized what he had done and the girl recognized that. In the end, I didn’t really give a solid conclusion in whether or not they got back together. It’s up to you if you want them to be together or not.

I didn’t specify on what the issue was whether it be a miscommunication, a breakup, a cheating incident or just two friends wanting to be friends again. Hopefully I wrote it so that it’s relatable in whatever complicated situation. So, in situations where it seems like there is no end, don’t give up!

Have a nice day!


Breathe | Quick Piece

He started pacing up and down the hallway. I sat on the stairwell, patiently waiting; I fiddled with my hands and tried to only listen to the rhythmic sounds of his steps. When he passed me, he gave me a sad look full of depth. I closed my eyes and threw myself back to when we looked forward to each day since the future was bright. Right now, there were only clashes of dissonance with a large, deceptive cloud in front of us. It drove me insane. I put my head between my knees and groaned. He stopped in his tracks and looked up at me. He said nothing, but slowly started walking towards me. I looked up at him and wondered if he knew what I was feeling. He sat down next to me and I could practically feel him breathing. I stopped breathing. He looked up at me with caution and whispered, “I thought we were going to try to make this better.” I didn’t meet his gaze and I became even more fixated on a spot on the floor. I saw two people huddled together, but on a closer glimpse, the girl looked extremely pained. I sympathize with her. He nudged me slightly and I finally took a deep breath. “So many things have gone wrong and I don’t even know what it’s become of now.” He shifted his weight and sighed. “I don’t know what to say, but the least I can do is say that I’m sorry.” I quickly leaped to my feet and said louder, “ Do you know the extent of the pain you’ve caused me? Can you try to understand?” He held out his hands in front of him as if he were afraid that I was going to attack him. I sat back down and said to the ground, “I’m afraid to loose you, but…I think I already have.” Even though he was in front of me, I could feel him stop breathing. He rapidly started pacing again and I buried my head between my knees. Down the hall, I heard him say with anguish, “Damn it! What have I done?” I peered down the hall and saw him crouch down. Intense sorrow filled me and a small voice in my head whispered, there’s still one more chance. I got up from the step and walked toward him. When I reached him, he continued muttering. I crouched down and embraced him tightly.

Lake | Saturday Adventures

Hello everyone,

I could say that I went to a beach today, but it was a lake. Most things were the same with many people tanning and families building sandcastles. As the sun rose higher and the shadows grew longer, more umbrellas popped up on the sand by the lake. There were more children screaming and playing marco polo as well as attempting to build the best sandcastles with moats and lakes. I saw an older man with bright plastic beach toys making the most exquisite and definitely the best sand mansion. I aspire to be like him. My brother and his friend were set on building the deepest hole with a tunnel system. It was pretty cool except for the sloshing wet sand. I made a sea turtle and my mom helped by adding stones on its shell that spelled out my Chinese name. I took a basic plastic container and quickly built my town. I added little sand spheres on top only to have them be destroyed by Mommy Monster. Most of the day was spent covered in sand, staring at the water and sky and digging a hole. I wouldn’t have had it any different.

Thanks for coming along with me on this simple adventure!



Calm | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope your week has been well. In a week and a half, I’ll be going back to school. I’ve mentioned this before, but I can’t wait! I’m taking a lot of interesting English classes with hopes to boost up my GPA so I can transfer between colleges in my university. Everything’s a work in progress, but I’m getting there.


I’m stuck.
I’m trapped.
All I want to do is break hearts and cut friendships
Stay away
Stay away from me!
I don’t want you to be victim of my anguish.
I’m still here and I’m seething.
I can see through everything and nothing goes past me.
Stay away!
Don’t come near!
I don’t want you to be hurt because of me.
That would be too much for me to handle.

Take my hand.
It’s okay.
I will be with you, so don’t let go.
I don’t understand the reason to your anguish
but I want to try to soothe it.
I don’t understand why someone like you has to go through this, but
I will be with you.
I want to help you
and I won’t leave.
We will fight this together.

This poem carries two emotions – anger and comfort. Both can be exhibited through one person, but it can also be interpreted as each stanza are two different people.

In the first stanza, the person is obviously in a lot of pain, but they don’t want to put any burden on anyone hence the lines Stay away! The person’s anger seems to be uncontrollable since they are warning others to not bother with them. It’s hurting them and if someone tries to help then they think that it would help them even more.

As for the second stanza, a gentler and more persistent voice comes to help. In fact, I think that this other side or other person is more persistent than anger because anger wants all the help and is cautious, but will give in to help. As for comfort, they will do anything to help that person. They don’t understand it because it’s not their own, but they still want to help and they recognize that this anger is beyond that person. Therefore, they are doing everything they can to help them fight it off.

The poem’s title is calm because the person with anger wants to be calm and comfort is helping them to be calm. Overall, calm is to represent the goal of both stanzas.

To me, the second stanza is what I want to hear when I go through any sort of mental attack whether it be episodes of depression, an anxiety attack or just when I’m angry. I need someone to listen to me and to just be with me because I understand that what I’m going through is pretty difficult to comprehend. The first stanza is what goes through my head along with many other emotions.

To those who feel ashamed asking for help: Don’t

Thanks for reading this week’s Poetry Breakdown!


1 Corinthians 1 | Bible Study

Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to start off this new series with 1 Corinthians. I’ll be reading the chapter with the New Living Translation, but feel free to read the chapter with whatever translation you understand the best. Eventually, I hope to go through the entire Bible.

1 Corinthians 1 (NLT)

Paul wrote this letter to the church of Corinth as stated in verse 2. In my experience with reading Paul’s letters, I’ve noticed that Paul writes with a friendly, yet stern nature. It’s like he’s our good friend and giving us advice.

Let’s start with the first section, Paul gives thanks to God. Basically this section is talking about how God has given us gifts to prepare us for when He comes back. With all the preparation, we’ll be ready when Jesus comes back. Spiritual gifts can be thought of as superpowers that help enhance your way of living. With these “powers”, we are able to give glory to God with them and also use them to prepare ourselves. But not everyone gets spiritual gifts. As written in verse 4, Paul writes, I always thank my God for you and for the gracious gifts he has given you, now that you belong to Christ Jesus.” Once you’ve accepted Christ as your savior, you’ll be granted gifts that will help you out. You won’t immediately find out what your gifts are, so be patient. When you do, make sure you use it so that it always glorifies God.

In the second section, Divisions in the Church, it basically talks about how there should be no other devotion besides for God. There shouldn’t even be any divisions in our church – no quarrels or separations within the church. I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose.” 1 Corinthians 1:10 (NLT)  We know that God is a jealous God, so Paul writes about how the church should focus on the most important thing. He gives examples of how he didn’t die for our sins and no one was baptized in his name even though he physically baptized people. Our job is to proclaim the word of God to others and to help strengthen others, but not to claim God’s word as our own because it is only through God that we are able.

The third section of the chapter is called, The Wisdom of God. This section was a little difficult for me to understand and get the point out of, but it basically talks about how human we are. We are not God and God is not human. We cannot understand him through our human knowledge. He only saves those who trusts Him, so God’s plan of sending His son to die for our sins was the greatest plan of all. God’s wisdom is the wisest of them all. In the next paragraph starting with verse 26, what I think it means is that we need to humble ourselves.  I quote from Bright’s commentary, “God does not depend on what people can offer him. Everyone needs God’s forgiveness. No one can be satisfied with himself in front of God.” Lastly, since God is a jealous God, we should only boast about God. There should be no other God besides God. Nothing should be more important than God. We should only be proud of what God has done.

That’s all for 1 Corinthians 1. Next week we’ll continue with 1 Corinthians, but move onto the next chapter.

Have a great day,


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