Sing! | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone!

I apologize for not posting a Quick Piece and a Quick Piece breakdown because as may have read from my Saturday Adventures, I was pretty busy that weekend. That Sunday, I also got the privilege to witness two of my friends get baptized and I was so happy for them! 😀 I hope your week has been going great!


There once was a little girl
and she didn’t say a word.
She didn’t whisper
or shout.
No one ever heard her voice, but
she knew that it she had a voice.
Adults would wonder if she could
or if she had a voice.
She would simply smile
and point to her hands.
The adults would smile back and walk away
not committing to understanding.

A young woman entered the world
and she sang songs with grace and love.
Men and women looked her up and down
not understanding why she was singing.
She closed her eyes and let the melody carry her
far far away so that she wouldn’t have to
see their harsh gazes.
Some scorned her and some pushed her away
softly and gently
but she always found out.
She would smile big and continue singing
but a part of her would wonder why the
men and woman wouldn’t commit to understanding
yet resort to negativity instead.

This poem is about not being afraid of being different and embracing your differences. I made two common things, silence and singing, appear to be very unusual things. I also made the adults the antagonists of this poem by making them indifferent and not trying to understand differences.

The first stanza talks about a little girl who doesn’t speak, but she isn’t mute. She knows what she’s capable of, but she doesn’t want to display it at the moment. The line, “She would simply smile/and point to her hands.” means that she wants people to wait to see what she can do. Yet, adults continue to judge her and think that she’s incapable when she really is. She may just be waiting for the right time.

The second stanza talks about a young woman who has the ability of singing, but people judge her. To combat the judgement, she disassociates herself from the pain and continues going forward. She’s even happier without the criticism, but it also says that she still doesn’t understand why adults cease to understand or even try to.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s PB!



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