Great Escape | July 25, 2015

I’ve decided that every Saturday, I’ll tell you some of my life stories. On some weeks, they may be exciting and other weeks they will probably be about my struggles as a student. Nevertheless, it’s more adventures with Alice! I also realized that I posted this on Sunday because I did get home rather late. It’s going to count for Saturday. 🙂

Today I went to Six Flags Great Escape with my youth group. I believe I was the oldest in the group since everyone was either in high school or had recently graduated from high school. I was worried that it would be difficult to connect with them since I’ve been through one year of university (that changed me quite a lot), but I managed to talk and laugh with all of them. One of my goals in life is to make people smile or laugh because it makes me happy.

Anyways, we all arrived to the park safely and we split into different groups so we could ride rides efficiently. My friends and I went on the largest ride called Comet. I ended up sitting next to a random guy. Sorry random guy for my spontaneous giggling and for my friend sitting behind you who was screaming the entire time. It was a pretty fun ride despite the banging around in the middle. We ended up riding it for a second time and even though I had a terrible face on the surprise down-hill picture, I enjoyed it. As sappy as it is to say this, being with my friends made it more fun.

In the end, we rode a couple more rides before heading out. There was a moment when we were waiting for another group to join us and we could see a ride where people literally drop down. I decided to wave hello to them and I actually got someone to wave back. I waved back again and shouted, “Bye!” before they dropped down. I hope they just heard something along the lines of a greeting instead of a farewell.

On the car ride back, half of us had a lot of energy and proceeded to talk about everything possible while the other half wanted quiet and sleep. For half the duration of the journey, some of us were screaming at the louder ones to be quiet while some just tried their best to sleep. One of my friends resorted in submerging her head in her shirt. I ended up giving my phone to the louder ones and I specifically instructed them to play games. For the rest of the ride, those who were tired were able to rest their eyes and those who had energy were able to burn it off by playing Crossy Road.

That pretty much sums up my day. Thanks for tuning in and reading about my adventures!



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