Sleep | Quick Piece Breakdown


With regards to this piece, I don’t like the title. I came up with it in the spur of the moment and now that I look back on it, it doesn’t quite fit the dreamy and slightly abstract piece. On first glimpse, this is a simple story about a girl who dozes off and dreams of a place where she could do what she wants. When it comes to touching the sky, she falls to her awakening. There’s not much of a lesson to be learned on the first glimpse of the story, but on the second read, there’s much more to it.

In the beginning of her dream, she’s merely dancing in the field which would indicate that she’s content with life. Nothing is preventing her from dancing and simply having a good time. Her tears provide nourishment for a tree to sprout out a ground and she willingly climbs it to see what more this world has to offer. Since the tree was pretty much created from her tears, she goes up to her own world. Even though we may think that our own creation may be the greatest and best thing ever, there are its flaws. There’s heavy wind and her desire is drawn to something far off, the sky, and she wants to obtain it for herself. Yet, when she attempts to, she falls and wakes up, completely forgetting about what she wants.

This girl was too distracted. She already had the beautiful world to start with, but she went on to create a new one only to be distracted by the sky and lose everything in return. The moral of the story is to stay focused on your goal even if it’s just a mere dream. Great things can come from something small.

I hope you enjoyed “Sleep” and this breakdown.

Have a lovely week,



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