Sleep | Quick Piece

Her eyes drooped and her nodded to the side. Her shoulders slumped down and suddenly; she was entering into a new world of color. She leaped up and felt like shouting, but her voice seemed to be missing. She flailed her arms around and felt the cool arm drift around her. The breeze drifted around her face and she lifted her face up in gratitude. The weather changed and the sun burst out from the behind the trees. She spun around and laughed. Her laughter echoed through the land and scattered away the shadows. Flowers grew from underneath her feet and birds circled her. Her white dress billowed out and enveloped her. Tears of happiness fell from her cheeks and watered the ground where trees began sprouting. She quickly slipped off her slippers and scrambled up the tree. As she got higher, it got windier. Her hair whipped her face and she became blinded behind her own hair. She struggled to hold onto the swaying branches as well as to see up. She got glimpses of the night sky with tints of blue in the distance and she reached out her hand to try and touch the deep blue. To her, it looked like the ocean, but untouched by the world. She reached out further and swayed wildly around on the tree. She almost had it in the palm of her hands, but felt herself slip and fall off the grand tree. She fell endlessly and she waited for the moment she would hit a stray branch or the ground. But she woke up and wondered what she was going to have for breakfast.


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