Light | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope your day is going well and it’s nice to be back writing Poetry Breakdown after the week I took off. During the week, I was a photographer at VBS (Vacation Bible School) and it was so great to see so many children having fun and smiling.


We plunge into the dark without any warning
and suddenly I’m aware of myself.
I hear my chest rise and fall
matched with the shuffling of my clothing.
Side to side
I feel the warmth of my hands
and try to maintain the soft heat.
Sometimes we all rumble and jolt around, but
who knows where we’re going?
It’s all a guess- an enigma.

Suddenly we burst into the light
and our eyes painfully squint since with time in the dark
we’ve adjusted ourselves for the worst.
The world has opened up again
and my body reunifies.
I can see clearly now from the road less traveled
to the road I’m currently on.
It was a guess- an enigma.

This poem was inspired by my friend who suggest the word, “light”. I immediately thought of darkness, but I’ve probably already written a poem about the forces of light and dark. I wanted to do something different, so I took the opposites and wrote it differently.

This poem is like a tunnel. It begins with the reader in the tunnel and it’s dark. Even though I never said the word “uncertain”, there was an air of uncertainty being in the dark tunnel. There is no other direction besides forward. Senses are heightened and where we’ll end up is a guess.

In the second stanza, it’s revelation from exiting the tunnel. Everything clears up and there’s no sensation of being aware of yourself, but rather it’s more about seeing what lies ahead and being willing to take it on. It’s not the factor of the world adjusting, but it’s about how we adjust to what is ahead of us. Yet, you don’t know which path to choose – the hard path or the easier path.

Basically this poem is about choices. You are given what you need until you are left on your own. From there, you’ll build your own path after following a built path.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Poetry Breakdown!

See you on Sunday!



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