Boats | Quick Piece Breakdown


This was most likely the craziest piece I’ve written and the idea was inspired from my good friend who suggested that I write about a giant boat and the citizens don’t know they are on a boat until mid-way through the story. I took the story head on despite spending a long time figuring out how to start the unique story. I already knew what the catch was, so I had to write the story to make it more believable.

Throughout the piece, I tried to make my characters unique despite having ordinary names. To those with those names, I think they’re great. I’m not saying that your name is boring. It’s that I used to write characters and spend a long time looking for a unique name with a special meaning. I realized what made the characters unique was mostly their personality and their own back story. Anyways, these characters were pretty unique. David turned out to be a typical rebellious student and he seemed to be unnerved by everything. Nothing scared or surprised him. Brian played around with David and stuck around with him which would label him as a good friend. They were just ordinary teenagers until the unexpected came upon them. Truer aspects of their personality came to life. For David, he became more aware of everything and for Brian, he became more understanding. They had those personality traits, but when challenged, they came out with a tint of fear.

I didn’t want to write this short story to be too dystopian, but I had to make the idea of a giant boat work, so the town was structured like a snow globe. An intense storm shattered the utopia and brought upon them the unexpected storm. They were definitely not prepared. I also left it as a cliff hanger because I didn’t want to go into how the boat worked and I also wanted to leave room for the reader’s imagination. The actual focus of the story was the friendship of Brian and David as well as how humans can quickly adapt to things.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Quick Piece Breakdown!

See you in a couple days for Poetry Breakdown!



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