Boats | Quick Piece

“Got your lunch?” my mom called as I bolted out the door. I held up my paper bag and waved it around. She waved back and walked back inside. I got to my class with seconds to spare. My teacher walked in and instructed us to hand in our homework that he assigned over the weekend. As I walked up to hand in my homework, I tripped and nearly crashed into my teacher. I grinned and said, “Hey, I did my homework!” He sighed and shook his head. “Just sit down, David.” he sternly said. I turned around and sat back down while grinning at my friend. After my morning classes, I met up with my friends at my locker and picked up my books that seemed to have fallen off my top shelf in my locker. That always seemed to happen though. “Hey David, let’s eat somewhere else. I’m sick of cafeteria food.” I nodded and emptied out my backpack. I slapped him on his back and enthusiastically said, “Yeah! Let’s hit up Joe’s Shack! I’m really feeling that burger special.” We pulled into the parking lot and I tripped again. The wind rustled my hair and I looked like a crazed maniac. “Dude, get ahold of yourself!” Brian said as he tripped into the restaurant. We laughed and headed toward the counters. I ordered the special while Brian ordered the special with extra bacon. While we ate, we talked about the usual topics from how much we hated school to girls we were interested in. I crumpled up my wrapper and whispered, “Hey Brian, do you think our town is a little strange?” He paused mid-bite and said, “What do you mean?” I continued, “Well, I’m not that clumsy you know.” I couldn’t really think of a solid reason. He laughed and threw his wrapper at me. “You’re so weird. Why am I even friends with you?” he jokingly said. After a couple of rounds of throwing scraps at each other, it was time to go back to school. As we were going down the main road, my car suddenly slid into the car next to me. I stared forward in shock and I could already hear the muffled curses coming from the car next to me. Brian tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, “Hey man, are you alright? I know you totally didn’t do that.” I could only muster a nod and continued staring forward. The driver next to me rolled down his window and the anguished curses became clearer. There was no real reason to argue with him since in anger he would never listen. Suddenly my car slammed into the car to my right and that’s when the driver to my left stopped cursing. In turn, Brian started cursing under his breath. I slowly got out of my car and approached the driver who I hit from my left and the driver on my right came to join us. None of us spoke until one of them gasped and pointed up at the sky. It looked like someone had taken a hammer and shattered the sky. Long gaping cracks appeared and dark and looming clouds appeared behind the normally bright and blue sky. Torrents of rain fell through the cracks and someone next to me fell to their knees and broke down. Everyone was out on the streets gaping at the sky and swaying side to side. Brian appeared by my side and I didn’t notice him among all the chaos and panic until he whispered, “We’re on a boat, David. You were right. This town was pretty weird.” Everything that had been happening to me suddenly made sense. It would explain why I had difficulties maintaining my balance and how things always fell from their spots. It would explain the perpetual windiness throughout the town. I had always assumed that it was the norm since I had grown up in this town, but I have seen other towns before and now that I really think about it, they didn’t have those strange occurrences. Brian nudged my shoulder as the entire blue sky has disappeared and a terrifying storm loomed at us. “This is reality now, David. Are you ready?” he whispered fiercely.


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