Sing! | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone!

I apologize for not posting a Quick Piece and a Quick Piece breakdown because as may have read from my Saturday Adventures, I was pretty busy that weekend. That Sunday, I also got the privilege to witness two of my friends get baptized and I was so happy for them! 😀 I hope your week has been going great!


There once was a little girl
and she didn’t say a word.
She didn’t whisper
or shout.
No one ever heard her voice, but
she knew that it she had a voice.
Adults would wonder if she could
or if she had a voice.
She would simply smile
and point to her hands.
The adults would smile back and walk away
not committing to understanding.

A young woman entered the world
and she sang songs with grace and love.
Men and women looked her up and down
not understanding why she was singing.
She closed her eyes and let the melody carry her
far far away so that she wouldn’t have to
see their harsh gazes.
Some scorned her and some pushed her away
softly and gently
but she always found out.
She would smile big and continue singing
but a part of her would wonder why the
men and woman wouldn’t commit to understanding
yet resort to negativity instead.

This poem is about not being afraid of being different and embracing your differences. I made two common things, silence and singing, appear to be very unusual things. I also made the adults the antagonists of this poem by making them indifferent and not trying to understand differences.

The first stanza talks about a little girl who doesn’t speak, but she isn’t mute. She knows what she’s capable of, but she doesn’t want to display it at the moment. The line, “She would simply smile/and point to her hands.” means that she wants people to wait to see what she can do. Yet, adults continue to judge her and think that she’s incapable when she really is. She may just be waiting for the right time.

The second stanza talks about a young woman who has the ability of singing, but people judge her. To combat the judgement, she disassociates herself from the pain and continues going forward. She’s even happier without the criticism, but it also says that she still doesn’t understand why adults cease to understand or even try to.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s PB!



Great Escape | July 25, 2015

I’ve decided that every Saturday, I’ll tell you some of my life stories. On some weeks, they may be exciting and other weeks they will probably be about my struggles as a student. Nevertheless, it’s more adventures with Alice! I also realized that I posted this on Sunday because I did get home rather late. It’s going to count for Saturday. 🙂

Today I went to Six Flags Great Escape with my youth group. I believe I was the oldest in the group since everyone was either in high school or had recently graduated from high school. I was worried that it would be difficult to connect with them since I’ve been through one year of university (that changed me quite a lot), but I managed to talk and laugh with all of them. One of my goals in life is to make people smile or laugh because it makes me happy.

Anyways, we all arrived to the park safely and we split into different groups so we could ride rides efficiently. My friends and I went on the largest ride called Comet. I ended up sitting next to a random guy. Sorry random guy for my spontaneous giggling and for my friend sitting behind you who was screaming the entire time. It was a pretty fun ride despite the banging around in the middle. We ended up riding it for a second time and even though I had a terrible face on the surprise down-hill picture, I enjoyed it. As sappy as it is to say this, being with my friends made it more fun.

In the end, we rode a couple more rides before heading out. There was a moment when we were waiting for another group to join us and we could see a ride where people literally drop down. I decided to wave hello to them and I actually got someone to wave back. I waved back again and shouted, “Bye!” before they dropped down. I hope they just heard something along the lines of a greeting instead of a farewell.

On the car ride back, half of us had a lot of energy and proceeded to talk about everything possible while the other half wanted quiet and sleep. For half the duration of the journey, some of us were screaming at the louder ones to be quiet while some just tried their best to sleep. One of my friends resorted in submerging her head in her shirt. I ended up giving my phone to the louder ones and I specifically instructed them to play games. For the rest of the ride, those who were tired were able to rest their eyes and those who had energy were able to burn it off by playing Crossy Road.

That pretty much sums up my day. Thanks for tuning in and reading about my adventures!


Reflected Mirror | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope your day has been well. I can’t believe that it’s almost August which means that I’ll be going back to school soon. A year ago, I dreaded going back to school. Now, I can’t wait to go back to school. I’ve reiterated this so many times before, but so many things have happened this past year. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

“Reflected Outline”

I’m just an outline of my imperfections.
There are deep shadows covering my neck
and an eternal gaze that speaks unkindly of sadness.
My lips can hear your complaints and they reflect it
back to your filtering ears.
My hair drapes down the side of my face
without movement and energy.

My brilliant smile is complimented by a sharp jawline
and framed with curious cheekbones.
There’s a swish from the corner of my eyes
as they match my joyfulness.
My hair enthusiastically flows and flies like
there’s a perpetual breeze swirling around.
My eyes lightly glow as I crinkle with laughter.

This poem is similar to the poem, “Light” such that “Light” had two stanzas that were opposing each other as well as imagery with the body. Yet, I personally prefer this poem because it has more depth and a better ending message.

In the first stanza, it’s about a silhouette and how I’m behind the light. It’s dreary and dull. There’s no energy and it’s strange as well. There’s some abstract lines in the first stanza such that lips cannot hear, but that line is written to signify disorder. Overall this person is uncertain with their body. It ends with mirror because I feel like some of us may resent the mirror because of how we think it represents our body when it’s just a piece of glass that has the ability to reflect light.

In the second stanza, it’s clearer and there’s more appreciation for themselves. The stanza feels lighter and brighter. It’s self-explanatory that this stanza would be preferred by everyone because it’s easier to understand and what we desire. It ends with reflection because it’s a better representation of who we want to be because it has more vitality. In reality, mirror and reflection are the same thing. How come we feel more threatened by the mirror than how we represent ourselves? It may the opposite for you.

Growing up, I’ve had difficulty loving myself. I never felt like myself and that this is what I would end up looking like. After a few years of insecurity, I somehow grown to love myself. Everything fit together nicely and I was satisfied with the way I looked. Of course I had those wavering thoughts of “what if” and “how come”, but I pushed them aside. I had thoughts about my choice in clothing, but I had a policy of remaining comfortable and I wouldn’t mind my appearance. I had practically disregarded it. Now, I’m feeling insecure about my body again because I have to look for a job soon and there’s going to be a new realm of judgement and I most certainly cannot disregard my appearance. In the second stanza of my poem, I write about the features I’m happy with such as my cheekbones and my smile. I also enjoy my brown eyes because they have a certain glow to them.

I like telling myself that I’m still a work in progress and that keeps me going.

Thank you for reading this week’s PB!


Sleep | Quick Piece Breakdown


With regards to this piece, I don’t like the title. I came up with it in the spur of the moment and now that I look back on it, it doesn’t quite fit the dreamy and slightly abstract piece. On first glimpse, this is a simple story about a girl who dozes off and dreams of a place where she could do what she wants. When it comes to touching the sky, she falls to her awakening. There’s not much of a lesson to be learned on the first glimpse of the story, but on the second read, there’s much more to it.

In the beginning of her dream, she’s merely dancing in the field which would indicate that she’s content with life. Nothing is preventing her from dancing and simply having a good time. Her tears provide nourishment for a tree to sprout out a ground and she willingly climbs it to see what more this world has to offer. Since the tree was pretty much created from her tears, she goes up to her own world. Even though we may think that our own creation may be the greatest and best thing ever, there are its flaws. There’s heavy wind and her desire is drawn to something far off, the sky, and she wants to obtain it for herself. Yet, when she attempts to, she falls and wakes up, completely forgetting about what she wants.

This girl was too distracted. She already had the beautiful world to start with, but she went on to create a new one only to be distracted by the sky and lose everything in return. The moral of the story is to stay focused on your goal even if it’s just a mere dream. Great things can come from something small.

I hope you enjoyed “Sleep” and this breakdown.

Have a lovely week,


Sleep | Quick Piece

Her eyes drooped and her nodded to the side. Her shoulders slumped down and suddenly; she was entering into a new world of color. She leaped up and felt like shouting, but her voice seemed to be missing. She flailed her arms around and felt the cool arm drift around her. The breeze drifted around her face and she lifted her face up in gratitude. The weather changed and the sun burst out from the behind the trees. She spun around and laughed. Her laughter echoed through the land and scattered away the shadows. Flowers grew from underneath her feet and birds circled her. Her white dress billowed out and enveloped her. Tears of happiness fell from her cheeks and watered the ground where trees began sprouting. She quickly slipped off her slippers and scrambled up the tree. As she got higher, it got windier. Her hair whipped her face and she became blinded behind her own hair. She struggled to hold onto the swaying branches as well as to see up. She got glimpses of the night sky with tints of blue in the distance and she reached out her hand to try and touch the deep blue. To her, it looked like the ocean, but untouched by the world. She reached out further and swayed wildly around on the tree. She almost had it in the palm of her hands, but felt herself slip and fall off the grand tree. She fell endlessly and she waited for the moment she would hit a stray branch or the ground. But she woke up and wondered what she was going to have for breakfast.

Light | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope your day is going well and it’s nice to be back writing Poetry Breakdown after the week I took off. During the week, I was a photographer at VBS (Vacation Bible School) and it was so great to see so many children having fun and smiling.


We plunge into the dark without any warning
and suddenly I’m aware of myself.
I hear my chest rise and fall
matched with the shuffling of my clothing.
Side to side
I feel the warmth of my hands
and try to maintain the soft heat.
Sometimes we all rumble and jolt around, but
who knows where we’re going?
It’s all a guess- an enigma.

Suddenly we burst into the light
and our eyes painfully squint since with time in the dark
we’ve adjusted ourselves for the worst.
The world has opened up again
and my body reunifies.
I can see clearly now from the road less traveled
to the road I’m currently on.
It was a guess- an enigma.

This poem was inspired by my friend who suggest the word, “light”. I immediately thought of darkness, but I’ve probably already written a poem about the forces of light and dark. I wanted to do something different, so I took the opposites and wrote it differently.

This poem is like a tunnel. It begins with the reader in the tunnel and it’s dark. Even though I never said the word “uncertain”, there was an air of uncertainty being in the dark tunnel. There is no other direction besides forward. Senses are heightened and where we’ll end up is a guess.

In the second stanza, it’s revelation from exiting the tunnel. Everything clears up and there’s no sensation of being aware of yourself, but rather it’s more about seeing what lies ahead and being willing to take it on. It’s not the factor of the world adjusting, but it’s about how we adjust to what is ahead of us. Yet, you don’t know which path to choose – the hard path or the easier path.

Basically this poem is about choices. You are given what you need until you are left on your own. From there, you’ll build your own path after following a built path.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Poetry Breakdown!

See you on Sunday!


Boats | Quick Piece Breakdown


This was most likely the craziest piece I’ve written and the idea was inspired from my good friend who suggested that I write about a giant boat and the citizens don’t know they are on a boat until mid-way through the story. I took the story head on despite spending a long time figuring out how to start the unique story. I already knew what the catch was, so I had to write the story to make it more believable.

Throughout the piece, I tried to make my characters unique despite having ordinary names. To those with those names, I think they’re great. I’m not saying that your name is boring. It’s that I used to write characters and spend a long time looking for a unique name with a special meaning. I realized what made the characters unique was mostly their personality and their own back story. Anyways, these characters were pretty unique. David turned out to be a typical rebellious student and he seemed to be unnerved by everything. Nothing scared or surprised him. Brian played around with David and stuck around with him which would label him as a good friend. They were just ordinary teenagers until the unexpected came upon them. Truer aspects of their personality came to life. For David, he became more aware of everything and for Brian, he became more understanding. They had those personality traits, but when challenged, they came out with a tint of fear.

I didn’t want to write this short story to be too dystopian, but I had to make the idea of a giant boat work, so the town was structured like a snow globe. An intense storm shattered the utopia and brought upon them the unexpected storm. They were definitely not prepared. I also left it as a cliff hanger because I didn’t want to go into how the boat worked and I also wanted to leave room for the reader’s imagination. The actual focus of the story was the friendship of Brian and David as well as how humans can quickly adapt to things.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Quick Piece Breakdown!

See you in a couple days for Poetry Breakdown!