Wings | Quick Piece Breakdown


This short story is similar to “Red Ribbons” in the sense that both pieces are written on the spot and I wrote them based on my feelings. “Wings” is about me growing up with some added literary elements. The piece is broken up into four parts. The first paragraph talks about my elementary years, the second paragraph talks about my middle school years and the third paragraph talks about my current situation, a mix between high school and college experiences. The final paragraph talks about unity as this story is similar to everyone else’s.

The first paragraph is supposed to give the reader an image of freedom and carefree. When I was little, I actually think that I could control the wind and what I wanted the most was to fly. It was probably because I spent my recess on the swings with my friend, swinging so high that I could see the entire playground and I felt invincible. I didn’t know much about responsibilities and I was only concerned about having fun.

In the next paragraph, it’s a transition from a carefree feeling to a worried and insecure image. This paragraph also starts with a doubtful tone that continues to the next paragraph. In middle school, I started falling behind in my studies because things were pretty overwhelming as I adjusted to things rather slowly. It’s also evident that I didn’t know what was happening as change was brought upon me.

The third paragraph is full of confusion about where my path lies. I’m still insecure, but I’m more insecure about what I’ll be doing in the future and if what I’m doing now is really worth doing. It has more questions than the other paragraphs because I’m seeking for answers. It’s incomplete because I’m currently living it.

And the final paragraph is a pact of unity. We’re all went through our childhood that spiraled into awkwardness and into a slow ascent of finding myself again. Since we’re all going through this “life” similarly, we should all help each other out because there are certainly some times when we can’t do it ourselves.

Have a great week!



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