Tea | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and that you’re doing what makes you happy! It’s alright if you’re sleeping though because sleep makes things better. Anyways, I’m pleased to say that I’ve gotten an internship! I just never thought that someone would consider me and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

This poem is full of back story, so prepare yourself!


The crisp clinking of the
tea pot and the lid
remind me of memories.
They gather up and show me
how life used to be.
They bunch together and
sing songs of
good times.
All in all,
it ended up having a great taste.
The routine of making the perfect
cup of tea remind me of
patience and how
sometimes you need to wait
for the best.
And the satisfaction of finally
having the perfect cup of tea.

Tea has always been a part of my life and I can remember when I was young refusing tea just because it was too hot. It was boiled leaf juice after all. In school, I would drink lots of tea because I can’t drink coffee due to its caffeine content, so I just drink camomile tea. While I was in China, tea was everywhere and there’s also a way to make the tea and pour it. You always pour to the oldest at the table first and make your way down until you pour the tea for yourself. It’s a way of saying thank you. For some reason, while people were preparing the tea, I really enjoyed the clinking sounds.

With regards to the first line of my poem, the clinking sounds do bring back memories of eating with my family. Sharing a meal together is something that should really be cherished because it’s time spent well. In that moment, life is great. Your family and friends are there talking and eating good food. It’s a great hustling and bustling. Just like steeping tea, the longer you steep it, the stronger the tea. The longer you spend with your family, the stronger your bond will be. That can go with your friends as well.

Yet there are times when your patience will be tested, but everything will turn out and you’ll be happy to not have given up.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Poetry Breakdown and have a great week!



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