Dripping | Quick Piece Breakdown


I wrote this piece when I was in China and I had discovered a clever writing app. I also didn’t write anything for two weeks, so all of my writing ideas streamed out of my fingertips at a rapid rate. That would explain why it would seem so unorganized at some parts.

The first couple of sentences were inspired by the exhausting heat I experienced while I was in China. The little plastic fan was constantly on and you could find me lying on my bed trying my best to cool down. It was just very humid in China and it tended to make you pretty drowsy. I made my character, Steven, doze off and have a nightmare that was about his past that constantly haunted him. His younger brother remained unnamed because I didn’t want the name to draw away from the background the brothers have. Steven’s younger brother haunts and comforts him only because Steven is responsible for him. I’ve noticed that I tend to write younger children with an innocent wisdom because what I’ve gathered from my experience with children is that they have a very difference perspective than adults and teenagers. It’s simpler and makes you open your eyes. In my stories, I want to be able to display what makes children children through their innocent wisdom.

When I wrote the background story for the brothers, I wanted it to be tragic, but not too cliche. I didn’t want it to be too complicated as that would distract from the moral of the story. I wrote a story that was about a hardworking mother providing for her children. She married, but she wasn’t happy, so she impulsively bought a house which caused her more problems that caused her children to be neglected. As the mother said goodbye to her children, I tried to maintain her maternal instincts as she tells Steven to take care of his younger brother and himself.

The last paragraph is to tie everything together now that the reader knows about Steven and his brother’s background. It’s also supposed to have an impact on the reader and to make it clear that Steven’s past definitely defined who he is at that time. The symbolism of the dripping faucet is responsibility. You need to be aware of it as well as knowing how to control it. A dripping faucet can accumulate to a large quantity of water lost and wasted money and knowing that the faucet is dripping and closing it would prove that you are responsible and that you also know the consequences of not closing the faucet. It’s sometimes trial and error though.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Quick Piece Breakdown and have a great day!



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